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Solaron's departure

Sun Dec 22 18:17:18 2002
To: all in the Realm
The Pattern, in its intricacy, binds thread to thread.
Life to life, soul to soul, undeniable.
The time has come. The awakening is soon. Even now,
faint echoes of a hunting horn can be heard in the
stillness under the dark of the moon. Hounds course
through the woods, seeking their comrades. The Each
Uisge thunders across the moors. The signs are clear.
It is with regret and acknowledgement of loss that I
release Solaron Al'Veeran, Acolyte of the Triat,
once Blade of Fate, to a new Path, and state his
failure of his Triat Mastery quest.
In times of old, those who departed Neutrality were
bound by a span of time in which they could not initiate
hostilities. Though these bindings no longer exist, I
lay them upon Solaron, and have his word that he shall
abide their constraints for a span of three weeks time,
as counted in the Outrealm.
May he find joy in the Hunt to come.

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