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Solaron: Cincinnati GT and Chicago GT

Sun Aug 18 08:26:28 2002
To: all

On the Cincinnati GT:
We need to get a date together. Please post a note with your best weekend to go to the RenFest in Cincinnati. So far, it's looking like the last wkend in August.

On the Chicago GT:
Myself, Katrana, Humble and Faille are finalizing plans to attend as well. It's getting to be a decent sized GT - could be fun.


Myronides: Chicago GT (updated a bit)

Sun Aug 18 19:11:53 2002
To: all

Where: ESPN Zone in Chicago.
When: September 1st at Noon
Who: Anyone! From who I know is going so far (see Plato's note previously). Plato, Shon, Wylin, Lorax Myronides (that's me), Zahar, Natilena, and more! Bound to be fun

ESPN Zone is located right downtown and is surrounded by a plethora of night life and shopping. Guarnteed to keep you up till 3am if you so desire.

P.S. If you need a hotel room reserve one VERY soon, they seem to be filling up already

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