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Cordir: Sentry
Tue Dec 31 06:54:18 2002
To: all
With the recent Idea posts on Sentry, I thought I'd reiterate one
point from the HELP PK MODEL file that seems to slip others minds.

"Way of the Sentry: Followings operating under this PK model may not
unjustly attack others."

So if your best friend, married partner, or RL relative's character
is killed right in front of you... you can't retaliate or do much ...
about it... unless they are also in your fol.

We give up a huge amount of freedom that the rest of the world takes
for granted - the freedom of initiating an attack - to gain a couple
protections: a change in the level range of who can attack us, and
the ability for our larger members to stomp on aggressors. An 'attack
fjust' lasts only three days. Just about anyone is easily avoided for
three days, as has we are regularly reminded from the security of a
safe room by repeat attackers. A 'death just' lasts longer. These are
the justifications we can usually get some use out of.

To reiterate: We pay a stiff price for the protections we get. Those
protections are fair and balanced, when viewed with their costs.

Mosi: Re: Lokum fjusts
Tue Dec 31 12:26:06 2002
To: all
That is the point of sentry. They can attack anyone who attacks them. The level 5 shouldn't be killing anyone
And level 13ish people should be smart enough to know not to attack sentry people by then.
Kerson: Sentry followings and stealing
Tue Dec 31 15:11:24 2002
To: all
Whilst I am positive that Fate would not employ such a tactic, there has
been at least one Sentry following that used a low-level thief character
to "harvest" FJUSTs by enticing players to attack him in retaliation for

It is my suggestion that in such cases, no FJUST should be given - ie
where a personal stealing just is in place.

Kerson, Avenger of Unity.


and here are the ideas that were referenced:

Daelin: Fjust in Sentry followings
Fri Dec 27 04:23:28 2002
To: all
A member of a Sentry following should not receive an fjust on a player who only attacks
his fellow follower. The fjust should only occur from a kill. I obviously have
reasoning behind this, but if the Gods disagree, I would greatly appreciate a short
explanation of why it is currently based off attacks. It seems off to ME, but I've
been known to be wrong.

Lokum: re: dealin Fjust in sentry followings
Mon Dec 30 22:44:14 2002
To: all
Fjust sould also with hold with range and levels of chars
it seems a little wrong that a 30/30/30 can attack and kill someone as small a level 5,
beacause they choose to attack a sentry following.
Wylin: Sentry Fjusts and stealing
Tue Dec 31 13:43:04 2002
To: all
If I get robbed by a sentry I will get an attack just. I see no reason that a "neutral" should be stealing in the
first place.
But even more I see no reason the entire following should get a just if I retaliate by attacking that person.
Not that it has happened with Fate but it makes no sense at all to me.


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