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Salomar's Horrifying Experience

Salomar: Cordir's following
Fri Jun 7 04:14:16 2002
To: all

I have had too many quarrels with you guys.
Although my following is allied to you, I will *NOT* help any of you anymore.


Cordir: Salomar's quarrel
Fri Jun 7 04:35:25 2002
To: all

Upon entering the realm and reading notes this morning, I saw Salomar's note. Immediately concerned, I sought him out, and asked him to tell me what caused his anger or upset with Fate. He replied that I should ask Saruman or Tranquility, and that he wouldn't speak to any of 'them' again. I asked for his point of view, since he'd posted a public note. I was invis at the time, but felt it was relatively likely my identity was known. (His exp partner realized immediately.) Salomar again refused to speak to me or tell me what happened to cause his ire. I gave him one last, third chance to provide any detail.

Speaking to Saruman, I learned that Salomar had asked Saruman to come up to the magistrate. Saruman did so, and upon arrival was told that his services were no longer needed.
Saruman prays, 'So we both yelled Boo a few times'.
Saruman prays, 'Since I thought it wasnt nice to be summoned somewhere without being needed'.
Saruman prays, 'I summoned him out'.
Saruman prays, 'No harm done'.

Apparently the grievous harm done to Salomar was a summon, upon which he recalled and posted his note.

I can understand how being summoned by a Sentry might be terrifying.
I apologize to Salomar for this grievously distressing matter.


Salomar: Cordir
Fri Jun 7 04:54:42 2002
To: all

For one... I never asked you for your opinion on this matter on a note.
Two, I had a lot of stuff going on with your following before and it never resulted in anything good.
I find your note quite amusing. I just made a public announcement. And you're trying to make me look like a fool
Basically your note says nothing.
You make a lot of words out of nothing.
Also, you stay invis while talking to me, and you remain invis when I ask you who you are.
Then right before you log off, you tell me that I have bad character separation.
It's not only your following that does stupid stuff to me...
You're doing exactly the same.
Again... I just posted this note to say I'm not helping your following anymore.
And I don't see why you make such a matter on this on a public note. Mine was public, yours isn't.

And that's it.

Keller: Salomar's note.
Fri Jun 7 10:03:13 2002
To: all

Salomar, you're the one who moved it into public debate. Once it's there, you can't control how its handled. If you wanted it to be a private matter, or handled in a particular way, you went about it very poorly. Instead, you wanted some sort of public debate on the subject. You've gotten it. Be happy. But don't complain about how you got what you're looking for.

From where I sit, what you originally wrote was slander, and what Cordir wrote was an explanation of the situation as she
sees it. In that, it definately does more than the nothing you suggested -- it alleviates any number of unfounded suspiscions.

I'm sorry that she didn't conduct her affairs to your liking, but they're gods. They don't have to play by the same rules as us. Their power, as dieties, puts them beyond that.

Lastly, to be frank, you sound pretty petty about the whole thing. I would take a deep breath and re-evaluate your
actions. It helps, honest.

P.S. It was pointed out to me that my words could be taken to mean that the gods are freer than we are. This is not true. The laws that bind them are stricter than those that bind us. Which makes your complaints about conduct even more specious, on the one hand, and more dangerous, on the other.

Here's where the notes end and a wee bit of backstory gets included.

I first met Salomar in late December 2001. He walked into my Temple, didn't even say hello, wizmarked, and left. I have a house rule that ONLY chosen get to put Wizmarks in my temple. Salomar got very upset that I instructed Ty to destroy the wizmark. He later threatened her. So she began a campaign of destroying his wizmarks in our temple (as he continued to persist in doing so) and the Guild.

Maybe it's a chick thing. But female mudders put a lot of emphasis on manners and behaviour. Salomar walking in and marking, not being allied or associated or even close to any of the Chosen, without saying a single word, struck both Ty and I much like a feral neighborhood dog wandering in and out of people's houses, pissing everywhere to 'mark' his territory. IT was offensive. We asked him not to, and he got unpleasant about it.

One day in either late December or early January, she went about cleaning the guild as usual. Salomar yelled at her for removing his. Hours later that day, he died in a PK when he attempted to portal away from the attack... forgetting his wizmark was gone. Right or wrong, he blames Tranquility.

The 'evil' folks of Fate, have, since December and before, performed CR's for him, given him equipment, I.E. treated him like any other non-Anathema. But he's been holding the grudge. His choice. So far as I have been able to research... this is the extent of the "too many quarrels" he mentions.

The First Time Fate Met Salomar...

Log is on: 12-20-2001-11-05-am.txt

This incident is from a couple of hours into the log. Cordir and Tranquility were sitting in the Chosen temple chatting. This is the event Ty's note below refers to, and yes, I was the one who witnessed Salomar's "marking".

Salomar arrives from the north.

Salomar makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Salomar draws a funny looking rune in the air.

Salomar leaves north.

You say, 'Hello, Salomar'.

Tranquility stands up.

You blink.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Greetings'.

whois salomar
1 player.
Elf [ Ma:18 Th:18 Wa:18 ] Salomar will not imp id your weak magic items.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I practice Naturalize in here'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Lady, do you know him?'.

You say, 'I do not'.

Tranquility makes a complicated-looking gesture.
This locale has been cleansed from unnatural influences.

You say, 'If you can remove his mark...'.
You say, 'thank you'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'it is gone'.
Tranquility nods.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I do not allow marks here or in guild'.
Tranquility grins mischievously.

You grin mischievously.

Tranquility says (in common), 'A few, that I trust, know to mark the mobs not the rooms'.

Salomar arrives from the north.

Tranquility says (in common), 'the rest....can wander'.

Tranquility smiles happily.

Salomar says (in elven), 'why did you do that ?'.

You say, 'Hello, Salomar'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I will remove the mark if you place it again'.

You say, 'I asked her to'.

Salomar smirks.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I practice Naturalize here'.

You say, 'Because you did not ask permission to enter or to mark this place'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'and this is not your temple.'.

Salomar smirks.
Salomar says (in elven), 'you are asking for war ?'.

Tranquility laughs.

Salomar leaves north.

You blink.

Tranquility rolls on the floor, laughing out loud.

You say, 'What a twit'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'War?'.
Tranquility rolls on the floor, laughing out loud.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Im sorry Lady'.
Tranquility giggles.
Tranquility giggles.
Tranquility gets herself back under control, assuming a blank expression once again.
Tranquility smiles happily.

Tranquility gets a reinforced leather sash from an egg casing.
Tranquility says (in common), 'sash-leather You see the following faint symbols: [|AC 5 wis(3) ]'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'yes or no?'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I will put the items in an egg or two for you.'.

Tranquility gets a small wooden shield from an egg casing.
Tranquility gets a wooden buckler from an egg casing.
Tranquility gets a wooden kite shield from an egg casing.

You say, 'yes, please the sash would be welcome'.
You say, 'just sac it up'.

### [Tranquility tells Salomar (in common), 'If you do not ask, the mark is removed.']

Tranquility growls.

You say, 'you haven't seen my pretty new bags have you'.

PERSPECTIVE CHANGE: Log Provided by Tranquility

Tranquility's Perspective:
Salomar tells you (in common), 'no no'.
Cordir says, 'Need me to snoop?'
Salomar tells you (in common), 'nice twist'.
You say (in common), 'too late'.
Cordir says, 'what'.
You tell Salomar (in common), 'You declare war.'.
You tell Salomar (in common), 'we did not'.
Salomar tells you (in common), 'you ask for it'.
You tell Salomar (in common), 'State the story truly'.
Salomar tells you (in common), 'i did not'.
Salomar tells you (in common), 'i state it truly'.
You tell Salomar (in common), 'My discussion with you is ended. Good day sir.'.
Salomar tells you (in common), 'i agree'.
(End of Log)

Log is on: 12-28-2001-2-56-pm.txt / These events are from a few hours into the log.

### Tirant has advanced to level 29.

Tranquility ftells, 'Got this on info: Tirant has regained level 29.'.
Ysild ftells, 'turned out it was wasted , some moron had phosphated right outside the vortex exit *eyeroll*'.

You ftell, '*comfort*'.

Tranquility ftells, '*wince*'.

Ysild ftells, 'sokay, i got some xp off the little aggros in jack's area :>'.

Tranquility ftells, 'I do that when I feel it is necessary'.
Tranquility ftells, 'I.e. chased by Kain or whatnot'.

Ysild ftells, 'heh'.

Tranquility ftells, 'but I don't do so without warning Chosen first'.
Tranquility ftells, 'everyone else can ... deal :)'.

Ysild ftells, 'grin'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Oh, and Salomar detests me, Lady'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'For some reason'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'everywhere he marks'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I erase'.

Tranquility blinks.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I don't know what comes over me'.

Tranquility grins mischievously at you.

Tranquility makes a complicated-looking gesture.
This locale has been cleansed from unnatural influences.

Tranquility says (in common), 'speaking of'.
Tranquility snickers softly.

Tranquility says (in common), 'He still tries to use this temple'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I don't allow it'.
Tranquility rests.

You nod.
You say, 'I'll let him know he's under an imm order to stay out.'.

Tranquility nods.
Tranquility says (in common), 'That would be best, to be honest'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'He has no respect'.

note to Salomar

note subject my temple

note + Stay out.

note post

### Something has been posted to notes.

Tranquility ftells, 'Got this on info: Something has been posted to notes.'.

note read 31
[ 31] Cordir: my temple
Fri Dec 28 14:28:47 2001
To: Salomar
Stay out.

Tranquility says (in common), 'and if he slaps me again in the temple of my Goddess'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I *will* have him killed'.
Tranquility smiles happily.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I am not above that'.

You say, '_I_ will have him killed, too. = ) '.

Tranquility grins mischievously at you.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Oh, I believe that'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I merely use different means'.
Tranquility grins mischievously at you.
Tranquility bats her eyes, the innocent cute birdiegirl.

You roll your eyes.

Tranquility laughs.

You say, 'yeah, right.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Yeah'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Well, it works'.
Tranquility laughs.

Well driven snow appears, filled with gravel, grime, and dirt.

Tranquility says (in common), 'even if it is not...entirely fair'.

Tranquility rolls on the floor, laughing out loud.

Tranquility giggles.
Tranquility nods.
Tranquility ftells, 'Got this on info: [Tirant says (in common), 'cuz its AE =)']'.

Cordir bats her eyes, the innocent goddessgirl.

Tranquility watches the snow get melted by candle flames.
Tranquility grins mischievously at you.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Yes, and for you, it is no different than for me'.

From the 2001 Time Line
12/28/01 -
Today is Mob Mastery day!! Garland slays a ghostly woronin for MM#40 and a young monk for MM#41, and an Ogre Guard of Gronk for #42. Legionaire completes several MM quests, including Captain Trag, Bennet the Captain of the Guard, a Monk, and Lodriss the Myrmidon twice, to reach level 49. Khorlan gets to 'well armored'. Belsambar kills Miri for MM#51 and 1558 experience points. Thingone reaches level 4 Ordained. Mira of Darkness levels to Wa:18\Cl:20. Wish kills a harpy for MM#25. Keat and Teluin go to vulcano and both type mobmaster...both get a fire elemental and get it as well - Keat for MM#64 and Teluin for #63. Teluin later levels to 16 Ordained, and several more MM Quests until he reaches the MM rank list for MM#64 - Borin the Cleric Guildmaster, #65 - the Dark Stalker of 3rd Floor Master's Tower, #66 - Nemdor, & #67 - a drow soldier. Snowfalcon completes #19 - a merchant & #20 - a polar bear. Thingone kills the Yochlol for MM#55. Gorld tells you (in common), 'Wisdom, which had sopposedly stopped attacking Kims following, attacked me twice today, if that interests you at all'. Cordir posts a note to Salomar ordering him to keep out of her temple after a rather unpleasant series of incidents. Legionaire levels to Wa:26\Ma:26. Paython levels to Wa:26\Cl:30. Lout levels to Th:9. Ananasi of the Chosen of Fate returns to the Realm, restored by Tynian. Natilena regains the last of her 3x conversion levels, obtaining Th:17\Ra:20\Ma:21. Grogramin kills an ant for MM#4.

And our next chat... also from Cordir's perspective. I've left in my prompt for part of it to show just how quickly Salomar came to the temple after logging in.

Log is on: 1-10-2002-1-06-pm.txt

Your following is one of the most powerful in this realm!
Your Immortal influence on the mortal realms is that of a Greater Power.
You have 2 ordained mortal slots available. 1 are filled.

The Sanctuary of Fate
[Exits: north]
A small weaving loom is barely visible amidst the trees.
(Light Cyan Aura) Tirayel is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Noctus is here.

23 players.
Gno [ Guardian ] Lins loves KEAT!
Gno [ Wa:20 Th:17 Sh:20 ] Chueco climbs the Great Sequoia
Hum [ Cl:29 Wa:30 ] Majere, Intercessor of the Coven
Hum [ Ma:27 Wa:30 ] Boyardee, Wizard of the Black Conclave.
Hum [ Ma: 8 ] Artulla, little mage of Darkness
Gno [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate *Tranquility*Cordir*
Elf [ Th: 7 Ra:11 ] Demoth the Elf
Elf [ Ra: 6 ] Tirayel reborn to Fate
Hum [ Demigod ] Torchbearer: Who are we but the destroyers of the world?
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir: Fate Reborn.
Hum [ Ma:23 Th:15 Wa:19 ] Tyrell, Prodigal Tiger Magician
Hel [ Ma:22 Ra:23 Th:21 ] Korran Stonebow, The Tiger's Shadow... *Aphrael*
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:25 Ma:30 ] Mael the Reckless, Patriarch of the Coven
Gno [ Cl:11 Wa:11 ] Orin GNOME POWER!!
Elf [ Th:16 Ma:19 Ra:15 ] Nitidus pulls out his lute and plays in UNITY
Elf [ Wa: 8 Ma: 9 ] Ihsahn. Death is only the beginning.
Min [ Sh:27 Wa:30 ] Charles. Tiger.
Dwa [ Sh:21 ] Dyptricx, Oni-na-Dwarf
Dwa [ Wa:19 Cl:22 ] Derth Lin Etrech, lacks charisma *Coven*
Hum [ Cl:21 Wa:20 ] Bridget found her soulmate =Wisdom Teacher= *Plato*
Elf [ Ma:26 Wa:30 ] Wish, Black Knight of the Black Conclave
Hum [ Wa:21 Th:24 Ma:24 ] Lexie, the First Slave Mistress of Kim *Mg*
Dwa [ Wa: 2 Sh:30 ] Dogdaze loves Absorb

( This point is about 2 hours into the log or so. I hadn't typed TIME in a while)
###Salomar has connected.

< 265ma(534) NH HL >

Tirayel ftells, 'Getting to see it again was a treat with this new darlin' -o- mine <big smiel>'.

< 265ma(534) NH HL >
< 266ma(534) NH HL >

Salomar arrives from the north.

Salomar blinks.

Salomar makes a complicated-looking gesture.

Noctus beams a smile at Salomar.

You say, 'Do not'.

Salomar makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Salomar draws a funny looking rune in the air.

Salomar smiles happily.

Salomar makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Salomar draws a funny looking rune on Noctus.

You say, 'There was an instruction posted to you to stay out of my temple'.

Noctus gives an animal hide sash to Salomar.

Salomar leaves north.

You swear loudly for a long time.

Salomar arrives from the north.
Salomar says (in common), 'Why ?'.
Salomar says (in common), 'I can go anywhere I want right..?'.

You say, 'Because you're a rude twit.'.
You say, 'No.'.

Salomar rolls his eyes.
Salomar leaves north.

Tirayel looks around for someone to poke... hard!

You tell Salomar, 'If an imm orders you out of their temple you are NOT ALLOWED BACK IN'.

You ftell, 'Salomar is not to enter my temple'.

The Sanctuary of Fate
[Exits: north]
The breathtaking loveliness of a midnight shadowed garden embraces you. The
night sky is filled with stars... no, not stars, but strands of light which
shimmer at the edges of sight. The soft call of unseen birds provides sweet
melody to please the ear and the low hoot of an owl echoes out of the trees.
A thick tangle of web-shrouded briar roses marks the boundaries of the area
and every conceivable variety of flower blooms within, despite the darkness.
Here and there, care has been taken to create gathering places in the glade,
from an intimate nook of soft, thick moss beneath a veiling willow tree, to
a low, gentle dell where a large group could rest in comfort. Each cardinal
point is marked by its own unique archway. Ebon flames beckon within a trio
of them, and the fourth is sealed by an enormous spiderweb. At the heart of
the clearing is a large round seal of orichalcum.
A small weaving loom is barely visible amidst the trees.
(Light Cyan Aura) Tirayel is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Noctus is here.

Noctus ftells, 'Ok'.

You tell Salomar, 'Noctus was unaware of that. You were not.'.

Noctus ftells, 'What did he do?'.

Tirayel ftells, 'much is hidden from one so young...'.

You ftell, 'Threatened and insulted myself and Lady Ty'.

Tirayel growls.

Noctus ftells, '*blink* You sure?'.

You ftell, 'Yes.'.
You ftell, 'Ask her.'.

Noctus ftells, 'wow'.
Noctus ftells, 'Oh I believe you'.

You ftell, 'Told us he would 'go to war' with the Chosen because she dared to remove his wizmark'.

Tirayel is stepping afk for a dinrk.
### [Somewhere, Tirayel is stepping afk for a dinrk]
Tirayel says (in common), 'drink'.

You ftell, 'he walked in, wizmarked the place, and walked out, without so much as a hello, a may I, anything'.
You ftell, 'I told her to remove it'.
You ftell, 'He got unpleasant.'.

Noctus ftells, '*grumble* Some people never learned any decency I guess'.

You ftell, 'No. So I posted a note and posted on the time line that he was ordered out.'.

who salo
1 player.
Elf [ Ma:20 Th:20 Wa:20 ] Salomar.

Log created by Saruman: ( Note: I, Cordir, had never seen this log until yesterday, June 8th.)

*** 2002-feb-26 - Editted log: ***

Elf [ Ma:21 Th:20 Wa:21 ] Salomar is obscuring you from a very dark corner...

Salomar gossips (in common), 'i hereby declare war to cordir's following'.
Salomar gossips (in common), 'foul evil beings'.

You gossip (in common), 'why?'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'huh?'.

Salomar gossips (in common), 'ask tranquility'.
Salomar gossips (in common), 'its her fault'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'looking for an excuse are you?'.

Salomar gossips (in common), 'SHE is'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), '*SMIRK*'.

Salomar gossips (in common), 'she is rude and respectless'.

You gossip (in common), 'Now.. hey!'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'how so?'.

Tripletriztz gossips (in common), 'try Neutral not evil hiding behind Good aura'.

You gossip (in common), 'If anyone has the right to speak of her like that... it would be Noctus'.

Someone gossips (in common), 'dont blame me saruman, i'm just telling the truth'.
Someone gossips (in common), 'i have any right of speaking that way'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), '*smirk*'.
Lanfear gossips (in common), 'well.. mr one-man-army... I'll just let you rampage over gossip. (-salomar)'.

You ftell, 'post a board note about this?'.
Lanfear ftells, 'nod'.
You ftell, 'you do?'.

Recall Room
[Exits: west]
Dogdaze is here.
Rein is here.
Salomar is here.

You snicker softly.
You say (in common), 'You are brave...'.

Salomar ignores you.

You say (in common), 'Declaring war on the biggest following around..'.

Salomar says (in common), 'you are dead'.
Salomar leaves west.

Tranquility's Response to Saruman's Log:
Written 6/7/02 among the Chosen in their private community when the log was posted.

RE: The Salomar Story

*chuckles softly*

I do not remember who was with me, but someone witnessed this event. I do not recall if it was the Goddess herself, Noctus or another member of Fate. Regardless, I know my word is trusted, so I tell the tale.

Salomar was using Fate's temple as a primary portal spot. After watching him pop in and out for several days, I asked him to please obtain the leave of our Goddess to use our temple as a portal location, for it is *her* temple. He was unaligned at that time. His response was to wizmark it again, ignoring my simple request, deliberately behaving rudely and then smiling at me.

Fortunately, I am a shaman, and need not be listened to. I naturalized the temple, removing his "mark". He became angry and proceeded to tell me that he could portal anywhere in the wide world as he pleases, and how dare I even ask him to get her permission. I told him none of Fate would mind, if he would merely ask the Lady to whom the temple belonged for her leave.

Foolishly, I thought he would understand. Instead, he returned and wismarked the temple again. So - I cleared it, again.

He proceeded then to gossip that I was rude, and mean, and all of the other things such vulgar infantile men say when confronted by a woman such as myself.

I said nothing in return, but my geasa does not prohibit action. In my ire, I walked through the guild, clearing every mark I could find, hoping to make my point by silent bitchery, since he obviously understood nothing else.

I was told in one of the days that followed, that he died within the hour, and still blames me for that death.

I do not know if I was responsible, nor do I care. I logged off. He had more than ample time to return to the guild and restore his "marks", but instead, he chose not to. Were the shoe on the other foot, I would most certainly be told *everything* I could have done to prevent my death.

I spoke to Salomar with respect, until he behaved in such a manner. He has been rude beyond exception since that day, and as far as I see it, was born with a silver foot in his mouth...I merely wait to see if he chokes on it before someone forces it down his throat.


'nuff explaination?

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