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Sabella the Self-Exiled
Ex-Penitant of the Tigers
Ex-Whore of the Black Conclave of Nashite

2002: Finding Abender's beloved Tigers as corrupt, selfish, and bloodthirsty as any she served aside in the Conclave, Sabella makes the decision to lay aside all her oaths and walk alone for a time. Perhaps healing will only come with re-emergence of a crimson aura...

2001: Granted freedom from the Black Conclave, she has devoted her new life to repairing the damage she had caused in the past. Her owner, Abender Stormreaver, is gone from the Realm. She can but serve in a manner that would be pleasing in his eyes. The place to begin that road is with the Tigers he once served.

Sabella Joins the Tigers

9/2000: The world has changed for the tempestuous Sabella. Many months ago, she was commanded by her Master, the Arch Lich, to seduce Abender. She felt herself incapable of the task, but yet undertook the attempt in a subtle way. This hunt was to be her downfall. Pursuer became prey. She found herself ensnared heart and soul by the warric.

Stripping herself of all that she was, she follows him now, silent as a ghost at his heel. Her wicked garb gone, clad only in a simple white dress, eyes downcast, she exists in a gray half-life. Still bearing the mark of the Lich (too young in her warrior skills to seek the Implementor's release from Molo's service), she is distained and hated by her fellows and by goods alike who see only the red aura remaining.


For years I have walked the Realm and reveled in its shadows. Blood was my aphrodisiac, and pain my greatest pleasure. hearts were toys, games to play. Corruption of purity, my joy. Against many have I pitted my will and wiles. Many have been conquered. None unaffected.

And so it was.
But that can no longer be. Against one heart I plotted. Fierce, terrible, joyful, given to another - it would be mine. The apple barely out of reach. Long I pursued him, chasing and hunting, desiring to ensnare. Until it was I who was truly captured.

And so it is.
I am well and fully bested, owned by one with no need or wish of my abject servitude. This day, I, Sabella, once whore, plaything, cruel seductress and corruptress, concede surrender and defeat.

And so it will be.
Abender Stormreaver owns my soul.

Sabella is standing only by an act of will.
Sabella is wearing:

(worn as light) a ball of bright red light
(worn on body) a plain white dress


Recently found this Oooooold Character History, written in 1997. It doesn't exactly match the history written later, but oh well. .

Sabella is playing idly with one strand of her hip-length inky black hair when you enter, weaving the leather of her leash into her braid. Topaz eyes immediately flicker over you, assessing, cataloging, faults and strengths, and wondering how well you could stand up to her games. Her slow smile is inviting until your blunt query startles her. The smile becomes a thin-lipped almost-frown, and her eyes glint hard and bright like the stones they resemble.

A toss of her head sends the long braid flying over one shoulder, and her voice, still as smooth as the flow of the Darkwater, is icy cold. "What happened to 'make me this way'?" she echoes, an incredulous expression flowing over her eloquent features. She chuckles, half a sound of annoyance, half self-mockery. "Well.. you do like morbid tales, don't you?" Her tone calms and becomes musing. "I suppose… well… I suppose it doesn't matter if you know. It's not that unusual a tale, you know." A shrug of one black silk clad shoulder distracts you momentarily, due to the remarkably pleasant jiggling it causes elsewhere on her voluptuous form.

"I was born in the Great Desert, the eldest child - not to mention daughter, and therefore worthless - of a mule merchant. As a child, I would play in the buried tombs - the mummies and feral cats my playmates." Her laughter is smoky and sends tingles down your spine. "Perhaps that's why I like the Lich - I'm used to playing with dead things… but… not matter… Childhood was short, and reality set in the day my parents sold me to elven slavers. You see, it seemed that one of the elven lords of Cillidillia had something of a perversion… he liked humans of all things, the younger the better, ones who had been naughty, and he could punish. I brought in a tidy profit - an untouched girl child, with freakish eyes is worth much to such people..." The orbs thus mentioned grow.. sad? though a moment later they have shifted, hidden from view as she turns away.

"I swiftly learned most of life's brutalities… and much of the shaping of my … tastes… occurred quite young." Her voice drops to just above a whisper, "There was never pleasure without pain, never pain without pleasure.. so… " a tiny shrug. "It's rather.. fun.. now. Not then. Then I was too confused … but now I understand the exquisite joy to be had in such things.." Another shrug, and she smiles brightly, brittley, and the personality and person you saw for just a moment behind her usual facade slips away with a coquettish glance from beneath sooty lashes. "Don't get me wrong, now." She warns. "Don't think I can be 'rescued' or anything like that… I am evil.. and I LIKE it that way…. I can show you the darker side of YOUR soul, too, if you like… everyone has a bit of the master and servant in them… which one are you?" Her tone is arch, matching her brows, and she turns a pointed gaze on you, impaling you with the golden lances of her eyes. "Oh.. I see… now that it's YOUR turn for questions, the time has run out… well, go ahead and run… but I'll remember… I will indeed…"

She turns with a contemptuous sneer, and departs, heading for the Mausoleum of her utter Master.

Sabella was born in the Great Eastern Desert, to the nomad families that wander there. She is not certain how old she is. As a very young girl (somewhere around 4? 5?) she was given in tribute / payment to the Black Conclave, so that they would not utterly destroy the nomads. She has served them ever since…

First she worked as a cleaning drudge, keeping swords and armor as gore-free as her unskilled hands could. Cuffs and blows and other humiliations were hers in abundance. But it was attention, acknowledgement that she existed, so she found herself craving even this most brutal of touch.

Then, later, as she approached her teens, those hands were put to … other… uses. She has a extensive knowledge of the sensual arts, and is very, very practiced. Her first orgasm occurred as she was kicked to death by Sirak and Molo as a gift on her 16th birthday - for her, pain and pleasure are irrevocably linked.

Her personality's true nature is revealed in the way that she courts death. Sabella is often seen attacking those far, far more physically adept and powerful than she. She always runs, but sometimes, not quite fast enough… and then true release comes. Better than any sexual release - for those brief few instants before flesh and body are rejoined, she is free. Violence is inextricably linked to freedom, and her weapon of choice is cleansing fire. She burns… why not let others, as well…?


Previous Description:
"Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide....
Voices trapped in yearing, memories trapped in time...
The Night is my companion, and Solitude my guide...
Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied...?" ... ***

The young woman before you returns your gaze with a knowing smile playing over her ripe lips. There is a challenge in those topaz eyes, a gauntlet thrown down, and in them, you can see bold speculation as to whether you would be a worthy entertainment.. She so loves a challenge...

Pulling your eyes from hers, you take in the rest of her form.... all of it... she is bare before your gaze, ornamented only in jewelry and the silk cords that bind her wrists... and she seems rather pleased with her current state.

Sabella meets your eyes again, and somehow she looks deeper into you than any mere mortal has any right to do.... something sinuous and serpentine moves in the back of your mind, and you feel the first hint of a scream begin to well up within you as you seek release, escape, avoidance of that unnatural, unholy, invasive touch....

Sabella is in perfect health.

Sabella is using:
<used as light> a ball of bright red light
<worn around neck> a black mantle with jeweled breast clasp
<worn around neck> a red dragon crystal necklace
<worn on feet> a pair of spiked black leather boots
<worn on hands> some red dragon skin gloves
<worn about body> some silken web
<worn around wrist> a black silk cord
<worn around wrist> (Humming) a ruby bracelet
<wielded> a spiked whip
<worn with pride> a niobium nipple ring

Additional Details: Sabella has a variety of piercings on her body... 6, to be exact, in a variety of interesting locations. Delicate tribal tattooing circles her upper thighs and waist, and appears in henna-like patterns on her hands. A belly chain constantly encircles her waist. (Ethnically, she looks middle eastern - voluptuous and wasp-waisted, with dusky skin.) If one looks VERY closely…. One might see the scars…. But she's quite careful to get the best healing possible. Her body is a weapon, and like a sword, it must be kept clean, sharp and ready for battle.

*** Lyrics from Sarah McLachlan's "Posession" - a song about a stalker. The rest of the song goes into how the person ("I") kills the object of their affection. ("And I would be the one to hold you down / kiss you so hard / i take your breath away / and after I / wash away your tears / just close your eyes, dear.")

Art Sources by


The Wicked Witch

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Kissing Lessons

The Joy of Service.

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