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Raile: Solaron's Help

Thu Jun 13 14:24:42 2002
To: Cordir

No doubt you will hear many whines and different variations of the story concerning the help that Solaron gave me today. I died in Dark Manor while lagged and asked Lins if he would help. After a poor excuse like he usually gives when asked for help, he declined. Knowing Fate's capacity to help ALL those in need (this is what neutral is about), I asked Solaron. Solaron was unsure about Dark Manor because he didn't know the area at all, so he was hesitant to help. After a while, he let me know that he was going to try and search for my corpse in Dark Manor About this same time Marius (in my following - Kerri) went to go retrieve it as well. Details are sketchy from here, but upon arrival, he encountered Pheonix. Solaron, knowing Marius was there to assist in the CR grouped with Marius apparently to prevent him from being attacked and helping find my corpse like he was asked to do. Solaron was not favoring evil over good, nor was he favoring good over evil - he was trying to aid me after I asked him for help. That is all.

In the proceding aftermatch (still sketchy), Marius was summoned by Anduin and Phoenix to the summoning chamber, but luckily had a key to the chamber so he was able to escape unscathed. After his escape and subsequent recall, Marius returned my corpse and I thanked Solaron, quoting "I owe you one". Apparently, Solaron has made a few new enemies by helping me and Marius.

For this I am sorry, but I would like to reitterate the fact that Solaron was merely helping someone in need, and had no intent to anger Anduin or Pheo
nix. Solaron is neutral, and he acted as just that. I apologize for the trouble I have caused for Solaron.

Raile the Darkling

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