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(located at port 4000)

Khore Announces Quest News!

Aries gossips (in common), 'Alo Khore'.

Khore gossips, 'Greetings.'.

Nyx cants, 'Greetings, Khore.'.

You tell Khore, 'if your'e doing it now, I"m staying for it.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'Hello Khore'.

Khore [GS] tells you, 'It's going to be brief.'.

Lexie gossips (in common), 'HI Khore!'.

Khore [GS] tells you, 'so hang out :)'.

Kelanea gossips (in drow), 'Hello Khore *curtsey*'.

You gossip, 'Greetings, Your Sanguine Lordship.'.

Khore gossips, 'Thank you all for entering the why Khore shouldn't run a quest thingy.'.

Khore gossips, 'As stated in the notes, I have chosen two victors and Marisa.'.

Khore gossips, 'Who will be none too pleased to see me, when she finally does.'.

Ptarchyzk cants, '*cough* *fishfood* *cough*'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), '*snickers* it hurt huh?'.

Khore gossips, 'As promised.'.

Khore gossips, 'I will run a quest.'.

Khore gossips, 'Of epic proportions.'.

Khore gossips, 'Details will be announced shortly.'.

Khore gossips, 'Golem Wars III'.

Lanfear is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'YAY'.

Dogdaze gossips (in dwarven), 'no doubt it'll be a bloody good show'.

Galahad gossips (in common), 'whats that'.

Khore gossips, 'There will a little bit of a difference.'.

Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'I win automatically.'.

Khore gossips, 'Including the addition of "House Golems"'.

Khore gossips, 'I'm also going to avoid you all having to lug around large amounts of nodrops.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), '*sighs in relief*!'.

Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'thankyou!'.

Khore gossips, 'Except for Lanfear, who will be carrying ALL your nodrops for you.'.

Drazuk gossips (in elven), 'yay!'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'I think I will go on a holiday!'.

Khore gossips, 'Additionally, a second quest, written by Nyx (thank you Nyx) will also be run concurrently.'.

Nyx cants, '*bow*'.

You gossip, 'Huzzah Nyx!'.

Khore gossips, 'Concurrent to the collection phase of the Golem Quest.'.

Lanfear claps at Nyx's performance.

Ptarchyzk cants, 'woot!'.

Aries cants, 'yay nyx head'.

Lanfear sweeps Nyx into a romantic waltz.

Khore gossips, 'You may safely assume that one or both quests will start early next week.'.

Khore gossips, 'Unless you are Marisa.'.

Khore gossips, 'In which case, it has been postponed indefinately.'.

You ftell, 'EEEP! '.
You ftell, 'Run for your lives!'.
Ananasi ftells, 'grin'.

Ananasi arrives from the north.

You ftell, 'its an ANANANANANANANANANA Monter!'.

Ananasi licks you.

Cordir cowers in the shadows.

Lanfear chuckles, evidently amused.

Clue looks at Lanfear.

Khore gossips, 'Any questions?'.

Lanfear hugs Ananasi.

Ananasi finds Cordir easily and ruffles her hair with a weasel.

Nyx ftells, 'Greetings, Ananasi'.
Ananasi ftells, 'Hello, y'all'.

You say, 'aaaack!'.

Aries gossips (in common), 'sounds fun'.

Ananasi grins mischievously at Lanfear.

Clue says (in old-common), 'hello, Ananasi'.

Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'yeah.. when do you announce me the winner, and where can I collect my prize?'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'will the golems do battle again?'.

Khore gossips, 'Oh yes, the golems will do battle again.'.

Khore gossips, 'There will be some golem vs. player combat too.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'ok.. will YOU do the talking?'.

Khore gossips, 'Bets will be taken on how big a splat the player will make.'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'you know.. blue corner.. red corner stuff?'.

Khore gossips, 'Uh, yes, I suppose I'll be calling the action again.'.

Khore gossips, 'Why? Should I hire help?'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'oh brother'.
Lanfear gossips (in common), 'no comment :P'.

Ananasi cants 'I hear weasel fur is good for the hair.'.

Lanfear snickers softly.

Cordir does the 'totally grossed out chick' dance and hops around the room yelling 'ewwwwwwwwwwwwww'!

Khore gossips, 'Lanfear, momentarily, you will notice all your equipment growing heavier and heavier.'.

You gossip, 'And she'll be noticing rift burns emerging, too.'.

Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Lanfear.

Khore gossips, 'Eventually, you won't be able to move at all.'.

Clue checks on Lanfear's health.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'I said.. NO COMMENT.. what can be wrong with that!?'.

Khore gossips, 'Which is just as good, as the dragon turtle won't have far to run to get you.'.

Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Lanfear.

The Sanctuary of Fate
[Exits: north]
The breathtaking loveliness of a midnight shadowed garden embraces you. The
night sky is filled with stars... no, not stars, but strands of light which
shimmer at the edges of sight. The soft call of unseen birds provides sweet
melody to please the ear and the low hoot of an owl echoes out of the trees.
A thick tangle of web-shrouded briar roses marks the boundaries of the area
and every conceivable variety of flower blooms within, despite the darkness.
Here and there, care has been taken to create gathering places in the glade,
from an intimate nook of soft, thick moss beneath a veiling willow tree, to
a low, gentle dell where a large group could rest in comfort. Each cardinal
point is marked by its own unique archway. Ebon flames beckon within a trio
of them, and the fourth is sealed by an enormous spiderweb. At the heart of
the clearing is a large round seal of orichalcum.
(Token magic) A magical spring flows from the ground here.
A small weaving loom is barely visible amidst the trees.
(Invis) (Light Cyan Aura) Ananasi is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Clue is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Lanfear is here.

Lanfear whines annoyingly. Why don't you slap her?
Lanfear rests.

Clue checks on Lanfear's health.

Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Lanfear.

Clue checks on Lanfear's health.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'I guess I better shush now'.

Cordir tells Khore, 'There. Three annihilating rifts.'

Khore tells Cordir, 'smurk'
Khore tells Cordir, 'er, smirk, thank you.'

Khore gossips, 'I didn't do anything to you. :)'.

Lanfear sulks in the corner.

Your soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Lanfear.

Khore gossips, 'You just have a perceptive patroness.'.

Clue checks on Lanfear's health.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'You havent seen the Lady at work'.
Lanfear bursts into tears.
Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'oh, just do something to her and have done with it'.

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