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CordirQuest, Part II: The Trivia!

1. Who/what and where is Kaltharellian Willowind?
2. What item are newbies given to return back to Algenara?
3. Who was Myronides first follower?
4. Which retired immortal has a 'lost' temple hidden somewhere in the Realm?
5. What - now removed - zone could you find an ivory tube in?
6. Who were the grand prize winners of PezQuest 10?
7. Who is the Blood Daughter of Lord Khore?
8. Which following was Morimox Attendant to?
9. Which Conclave High Council member had to get a rename after the Monastery was installed?
10. Who was Natilena's maid of honor at her wedding to Zakath?
11. What was the name of Polnevdra's daughter?
12. In what physical location did Tynian and Maurice sit down and have their first TFC Planning session?
13. Khore wrote, "Things TFC Needs". What was item #5 on the list?
14. Who wrote charming poems such as: "Seeing your body / Mine is no longer gore-strewn / When I smell your flesh / I know mine is pure"
15. What mob did Gryphon slay to reach Level 30 Paladin?
16. Who was the first mortal Ogre to cast invis upon himself?
17. Thaygar's poem, "Pride and Prejudice" was written about what mortal?
18. What woman did Dezmond Lin "declare my heart eternally" to?
19. What mob did Tripper slay to reach effective level 40?
20. The 13th member of Fate was accepted in an odd location. Who was it, and where?
21. Who abused the bugs in Heat Metal so badly, it was removed?
22. Who are Lysanthir's parents?
23. Who wears: <worn around neck> a Major Amulet of Anti-Puns
24. Which 2x mortal wore a ring inscribed "Nalya's Promise of Love"
25. What mob did Keat slay to reach level 50?
26. Who are "the four Goddesses of Whitehawk Skylore"?
27. What following did Gann receive a god+ reform from, before he joined the Conclave?
28. Who was named "Best All Around Immortal" in BlissPoll 2000?
29. Who performed the marriage .. er.. assisted in the Kidnapping.. of Marisa's Chocolate Elf?
30. Who did Nyx corpse-rescue as the final act of his Triat Mastery quest?
31. Gytar reached effective level 50, Ordained level 30, by slaying what mob?
32. What threat did Cordir make towards Tokugawa, if he didn't recommend her for promotion to DemiGoddess?
33. There have been two level 50 characters played by female mudders. What mob did the second one kill to reach level 50?
34. Which mortal worshipper of Asia claimed via title and Ordained Classtitle to be Cordir's daughter?
35. Who had the title, "the Marauding Bunny of Darkness"?
36. According to the poem about them, where did the Bad Bad DT's leave all their gear?
37. Who was the first individual to be rejected by Kerriariadne?
38. Which following was Tamar the Attendant to?
39. What mob did Trakker slay to reach level 50?
40. Two part question: Who won the 2001 Silly Weapons Fight, and what weapon did they use?
41. What does LLU stand for?
42. Which temple has a series of feathers arranged in a fan?
43. What mob did Stouthbound slay for MM#100?
44. Who wrote a poem about "an ancient marinator"
45. According to Molo himself, what was his mortal heart made out of?
46. What is the name of Cordir's spider pet-mob?
47. Who was described as "probably the shortest and skinniest Goddess of them all."
48. Which aggro 2x Clave Pk'er's name is a play on the psychological condition of being sexually aroused by the tears of others?
49. What zone did Zakarious find to become a member of the TFC explorer's society?
50. Who officiated at the wedding of Aslan and Talyn?
51. Two part question: The poem that won the Valentine's Day Writing Contest was written by whom, and for what purpose?
52. What two emotes does Abe claim to have trademarked?
53. Who is fondly known as a 'vending machine'?
54. According to his JUST list, how many people killed Bubba?
55. Who was armed with a special 'homing poke' that could hit its target despite all attempts at evasion, until it connects in a 'vicious stab'?
56. Who usually bore the title "is waiting for the end of the world" during their Ambassadorhood?
57. Who's personal description ended with the line, "You see a PALADIN."
58. Name the immortal who brought Evelyn Glennie to TFC.
59. To date, who has made the single largest contribution to the TFC Contingency Fund? (and why haven't YOU donated?)
60. Who was the "Ebon Master of the 5th Circle"?
61. Which races were created 'by the dreams of Ivory Tiger'?
62. What were the names of the two Immortal Only rooms in Mount Aire that Tokugawa found as a mortal?
63. Which implementor rebooted the mud for the switchover from 2x to 3x?
64. According to "I, PK'er", where do PK'ers keep their weaponry?
65. Which mob in Altibia sells three containers?
66. Who was TFC's first Cleric/Thief/Warrior?
67. What is EEL?
68. What mob's description includes the line, "Since when do horses have fangs?"
69. Who was the first level 50 character of Evil alignment?
70. Which Immortal wore "(Invis) a Secret Decoder Ring"
71. Which mortal bore the nicknames, 'Tiniest Tank', 'Annoyance to Madman', and 'The Blue Tiger.'
72. Two individuals have been specifically mentioned repeatedly in currently Imm temples. The male, in 3 temples. The female, 2 temples. Who are they, and where are they mentioned?
73. How many bear cubs were turned into Hampsters, and their descriptions changed to praise Khore?
74. Who was the first mortal player to log into 3x?
75. Who was the first player listed on the visitor's Roll of the TFC Site?

and super bonus question, provided by Lord Sirak:

76: Who was the first mortal to kill a Paladin?

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