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Positive Notes

DarkClaw: A Positive Note ;-)
Sun Aug 4 12:17:50 2002
To: all

Just want to say that I think the bards are a wonderful
addition to the MUD. I'm sure there are others out there,
beside me, that get many laughs or at least chuckles out of
the unique song titles that they're told. I don't know
about anyone else, but I'll take amusement anytime I can get
it. Wonderful work, Tynian! (And anyone else who participated)

Gytar: Re: DarkClaw: A Positive Note ;-)
Sun Aug 4 14:37:41 2002
To: all
I Completely agree. In the last months I have seen so many good improvements.
Thank you very much Tynian and the crew working on the Realm!

Gytar D'Alchemist of Unity

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