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Poll #1: "If you could create ONE change or improvement to TFC, what would it be?"

Change the debt system. It doesn't need to be as harsh as it used to. Why? the new (and great) range system makes pc-pc combat much fairer, less one-sided.. and now also usually involves many engagements/fight (eg, flee, chase, attack). This builds debt faster than before, and I think the debt system should be toned down to compensate.

What I would really like to see would be new things to do/new ways to experience the realm. To narrow that down, I'd say either a) class mastery or b) new areas. Of those, I would be most interested in seeing class mastery implemented. The reason for choosing that over the other is that I _can_ try to help with the addition of new areas by providing ideas and offering to write. I can't help code class mastery, though.

Make the TFC newspaper have one edition per RL day. Why? At the moment a new edition comes out about every 12 minutes. If it were once per day, folks would actually buy it to see obituaries from the day before. Folks would also start using classifieds as a way of putting auction notes to the public. Basically, in its current system of one newspaper/12 mins, no one uses it. If it were changed to one/RL day, I think everyone could benefit of the neat features already included in the paper.

Change the zones,put more in, or add a buncha new skills.

I'm quite happy with the way the mud is run and developed atm.

Personally I think that there should be more skills in the warrior and thief classes cuz right now ive looked and ill have almost all my skills after my 15 level in both classes. on the other hand my mage class has skills almost every level till 30. I personally think this is riduculous there must be something we can do to add to the skills of a warrior like for instance a new skill called sharpen for warrior which would basically be just like enchant and would affect the top amount of damage the weapon can do, only it would wear off after awhile and has a chance of breakin the weapon higher the worse you are at the skill or for the thief poison tip basically up the avg of the weapon by putting a venom on the blade.

Bring back the wandering theives, Leery and friends(accomplices?)! They were removed shortly after I posted a bug about them getting stuck in certain rooms and then not wandering any more, but it wasn't such a big problem and if that was all that was wrong with them, I think they should come back again :)

Make Syla play more :)

If there was one thing that could be added/changed about TFC is the frequency of Team quests, we have them now and again, but I believe it would draw more players, and let the current ones have more fun.

(the quests TFC run are great, just would like to see them more often)

I'd like to see more bigger weapons of each type since we have the damage cap

It was sort of inevitable. Someone had to use this poll as an excuse to insult or talk smack. Fortunately, that's only been ONE respondant thus far. I'm not including their suggestion.

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