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Tynian: Typo, bug, and idea lists
Sat Jun 8 23:11:54 2002
To: all
Typos: These are spelling errors, grammatical errors, or perhaps that a
flag is missing that should have been set. Maybe also exits that are blown.

Bugs: These are errors in how something works code wise, be it stats that
go whacky or you did xyz and it crashed the mud.

Ideas: This is where you post if you want something a mob says changed, want
a new skill added, want the published currently correct way something works
adjusted, and so on. Only constructive ideas should be posted.

Please post to the proper lists...that's what they are for. Things posted
in the wrong place are likely to be ignored.
Tynian: Being reformed from your following
Sat Jun 8 23:23:41 2002
To: all
These are the rules for a god+ reform out of your following. If your
god is on the inactive list, your reform is free, with no cost of
levels. If your following drops to Cult Following, your reform is free,
with no cost of levels. If your god has taken your character out of play
(e.g. put you in a room naked with no way to escape), you will be
reformed for free, also (upon request). Otherwise, god+ reformations
will not normally be done.

If you think you have a case for reformation, seek a Greater God.

Perhaps your god would be willing to reject you?
Tynian: When to post a note to 'tynian'
Sat Jun 8 23:51:59 2002
To: all
If you are addressing a note to 'Tynian', please reflect on whether it is

Have a problem? Have you spoken a God Greater God? No? Then posting a
note to me won't help. I will just refer the matter to a god+. They
exist to handle most in-game matters, and will involve me when

Have a problem that you just wanted me to be aware of? Thanks, but I can
see notes addressed to 'god' just fine. While some of it provides
interesting reading, I don't pay close attention to it, since problems
should be getting resolved at a different level.

Have an idea I just need to see? Post something on the idea board. Yes,
I read them all, although my annotations on them can vary greatly,
depending on what I'm working on. I go through periods where I implement
things posted to the idea list, and ideas stay posted for a few weeks.

Have a bug report that requires my attention? Post a bug report to the
bug board. I almost never verify bug reports myself. I have delegated
that task to the other god+'s. More importantly, if it isn't on the
bug list, it has little chance of being investigated.

Do you want to see if a purged character can be recovered? Don't bother
posting a note. You will need to be online at the same time that I
restore it. Yes, character restores are something only I can do, and
yes, we both have to be online to make it happen.

Talked to a god (-level Immortal), but feel that their decision should
be reviewed? Talk to Nayr or Tokugawa. But only if you think you have a
real case. Don't waste their time. Post a note to 'greatergod' with
all of the relevant details.

Talked to Nayr or Tokugawa, but feel the decision should be reviewed?
Then you can post a note to me. Give me the details in the note. Don't
expect me to chase you down. Send an e-mail to
'', if you prefer. Unless you have VERY
compelling reasons why I should review a decision, I will likely

There are a few very good reasons why I'm posting this. First and most
importantly, there are many things that my staff can do, but there are
certain things that only I can do. For instance, only I can write new

I work on TFC in my free time. Unfortunately, I'm losing free time, not
gaining it. I would rather use what spare time I have to work on the
bigger picture, and update and change the code.


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