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Okk: Poa Tree
Sun Sep 22 21:05:02 2002
To: Thaygar Cordir all

"Flesh is Earth
Blood is Water
Breath is Wind
Soul is Fire

You are of this world
The part you play is sacred"

--Orla, Arranger-of-Things


"True Light"
by Nakka, Child of Sorrow

lay down your sword, ye righteous warrior
Purity does not burn
blood begets blood, vengeance brings pain
fight fire with fire
...and see a world in flames

let your blood spill and taint the impure
let your soft words sting their ears
smile at your enemy
and live despite it all


when you are invited to hate
when you are invited to abandon your goals, forget kindness
to hunt down the wicked--refuse
...and you will have won

Good is fought with hate and death
Evil must be fought with Love and Life

Shall you play?

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