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Tynian: PK range
Mon Jun 24 00:10:21 2002
To: all
I received the following note:

This new trying of a new range is quite harsh on people my level.
I am a level 21 ogre warrior still leveling and because ive been pk'ing and also
This new rule on the range is very harsh, a level 43 can attack me? Thats just b
asically a massacre
When i pk i stick to my own range and so should the higher levels, i stick to my
range and so should they
Ive noticed that the game has gone in a good direction, and i just want to input
that the new range
is rather harsh to people my level who pk, on there way up to level 30. The whol
e point is to pk people in ur own range
which this mud is a Diku Mud. And i just want it to seem fair. It is not like im
camping or anything.
I would like to know how i can get my old range back of level 32
Thanx for reading this,

Let me clarify that the range of PCs that can attack you are based on 3
things: Your level, your PK debt and permanent debt, and your recent
record for attacking/killing non-PKers (pacifists/reprisalists). To
avoid range penalties, keep your debt bribed down, don't multikill, and
avoid killing non-PKers.

I'd like to point out that until fairly recently, _anyone_ would have been
able to attack you, since you are over 20th level. The ranges were refined
to prevent high levels from picking on low levels. Your debt is is either
high or you've been killing non-PKers. Nothing illegal about that. It
just means you'll have to remain alert to your surroundings.

The pacifist/reprisalist aspect to range is not written in stone, although
it's designed to discourage newbie killers and to open up the PK range
to those that are in PK game.

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