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On Saturday October 5th, 2002 Tynian held the first-ever offical pk contest. Seeings how i don't pk, i slept in, but Tokugawa was alert and logging for me :) The fights are below as follows:
Tiebreaker of Vex vs. Aster
Lexie & Indiga (the Dynamic Darkling Duo/DDD) vs. Tassadar & Aerios (Tassadar's team)
Mordith & Solaron (Mordith's team) vs. Vex & Mael (Wolfpack)
Wolfpack vs. DDD
Aster & Maimer vs. Mordith's team
Tassadar's team vs. Mordith's team
Mordith's team vs. DDD
Wolfpack vs. Mordith's team
The overall winners were:
Tynian: Team PK Contest Results
Sat Oct 5 14:15:21 2002
To: all
The Team PK contest has concluded. Thanks to all that participated:

Mordith's Team, consisting of Mordith and Solaron
Tassadar's Team, consisting of Tassadar, Alex, and Aerios
Dynamic Darkling Duo, consisting of Indiga and Lexie
Wolfpack, consisting of Vex and Mael
Aster's Team, consisting of Aster and Maimer

The contest was won by the undefeated Wolfpack. Mordith's Team came in
second, followed by Dynamic Darkling Due, in third place.

Congratulations to the winners!
And the rankings are as follows:
Tynian: PK contest rankings
Sat Oct  5 15:40:42 2002
To: all
PK contest rankings:

Name            Rank
Vex             1
Mael            2
Mordith         3
Solaron         4
Lexie           5
Indiga          6
Maimer          7
Aster           8
Tassadar        9
Alex            10
Aerios          11

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