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(located at port 4000)

Wrap Up

The Grand Conference Room
[Exits: east west]

A sailboat rests here.
(Dark Red Aura) Mordith is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Solaron is here.

(Intense Light Cyan Aura) Tynian is flying here.

Mordith wears a green huntsman's tunic on his body.

Carrie gossips (in common), 'afternonn tfc'.

Wunk cants, 'hi Tiax'.

Solaron ftells, 'thanks!'.

Katrana suddenly appears accompanied by two bone white hunting hounds.

Solaron stops using a pair of chain mail boots.
Solaron wears a pair of scale mail boots on his feet.

Palin ftells, 'Gratz! :)'.

Tynian gossips, 'Thanks to all that participated!'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'YAY'.

Palin ftells, 'Who got first?'.

### [Lexie group-tells (in common), 'oops']

Mordith stops using a leather backpack.
Mordith wears a cloak of sable dragon scales about his body.
Solaron gossips (in common), 'That was fun.'.

Solaron ftells, 'Vex/Mael.'.

Mael gossips (in common), 'and thank tynian for the funfun contest'.

Tynian gossips, 'The rankings:'.

Vex arrives from a puff of smoke.

Tiax gossips, 'Gratz Grathuk'.

Mael arrives from a puff of smoke.

Vex rests.

Tynian gossips, '1. Wolfpack (Vex, Mael)'.

Mael gossips (in common), 'and thanks for not bag burning etc to everyone'.

Tynian gossips, '2. Mordith's Team (Mordith, Solaron)'.

Mordith says (in common), 'congratulations'.

Mael bows before Mordith.

Solaron grins mischievously.

You ftell, 'Abe's sorry he couldn't be here. :-('.

Mael bows before Solaron.

Mordith bows before Vex.

Mordith bows before Mael.

Vex bows before Mordith.

Vex bows before Solaron.

Mordith says (in common), 'good show'.

Mael utters the words, 'detect invis'.

Tynian gossips, '3. Dynamic Darkling Duo (Indiga, Lexie)'.

Solaron ftells, '*nod* That would've been great. '.

Mael utters the words, 'strength'.

You ftell, 'he's still tryin to get Stormreaver up and live again'.

Vex says (in common), 'it was fun'.

Tynian gossips, 'The only question that remains is: How many heals _does_ Vex carry, anyway?'.

Vex gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Mordith gets the Special from a hide bag.

Oook gossips (in common), '*snicker* Congrats, all'.

Mordith stops using a large rolling pin.
Mordith wields the Special.

Mael gossips (in common), 'a lot'.
Mael gossips (in common), 'really a lot'.

Neodis gossips (in common), 'he takes all of ours'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'I'm guessing 150+.'.

Whoz gossips (in common), 'A lot less now'.

Shon gossips (in common), 'he has over 100 i know of'.

Lexie cants, 'i couldnt cast those spell crystal thingies'.
Lexie cants, 'i tried :('.

Mordith says (in common), 'with no brights left i would say we did pretty well'.

Mael cants, 'you are supposed to memo em :P'.

Solaron nods.

Riella gossips (in elven), 'its no use to locate one when hes online.....'.

Vex nods in recognition to Mordith.

Lexie cants, 'i did!'.

Tynian gossips, 'For the next quest, whoever turns in the most heal potions, wins! ;-)'.

Mael cants, 'heheh'.

Lexie cants, 'still didnt work'.

Oook gossips (in common), 'Heh'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'Heh'.

Lexie cants, 'so blah'.

Neodis gossips (in common), 'lol'.

Someone gossips, 'I'm all over that contest, Tyn.'.

(End Log)

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