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Pez: Pez Quests Officially at an End
Tue Feb 12 09:26:34 2002
To: all
Well folks, it has been lots of fun, but I am officially ending "Pez Quests".
All the Pez Quests were very successful (mostly due to your donations!)
and I very much enjoyed running them. However, as all things in life,
Pez Quest has run its course and its time to move on to something new.
I don't want to repeat myself, and I just can't thing of any original ideas
that don't require extensive coding, etc. etc.
Please do not donate any more gold to me expecting it to be
added to a jackpot. You may donate gold to me for my own personal use, however.

I do hope to come up with a new and excitingly fresh idea for
your entertainment and enjoyment. What that will be I simply do not know,
but, like Pez Quest, and Pez Trivia, before that, it will be fun.
Thanks again for everyone's participation!


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