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Wish and His Parasite Fetish

Wish gossips (in common), 'there's nothing like feeling the parasites from a bloated corpse under your fingernails'.

Someone gossips, 'You should be a poet.'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'of course i'm speaking only figuratively since i dont really have fingernails'.

Someone gossips, 'Ode to a rotting Corpse, by Wish'.

Greaver gossips (in common), 'you must have big fingernails if you can fit a bloated corpse underneath them'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i said the parasites from a bloated corpse, greaver'.

Someone gossips, 'Of course, parasites don't live on corpses.'.

Greaver gossips (in common), 'yeah, a bloated corpse under your fingernails!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'sure they do'.

Someone gossips, 'They leave their hosts as soon as it is dead.'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'not all of them'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'and not right away'.

Damay gossips (in common), 'It was "feeling the parasites" not the bloated corpses was what I understood... still... it's yucky'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i have more such insights '.

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