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A New Use for Ordained Mortals...?

This log was created by Cordir.

Whoz looks at Nazinthas.
Whoz beams a smile at Nazinthas.

Nazinthas bows deeply.
Nazinthas vogues.
Nazinthas giggles.

Whoz chuckles, evidently amused.

Nazinthas says (in common), 'I am one hideous looking elg'.

Nazinthas cants, 'gratz lorax'.

Whoz nods.
Whoz says (in common), 'You sure are'.

Nazinthas stands up.
Nazinthas utters the words, 'detect magic'.

Lorax cants, 'thanks :)'.

Nazinthas says (in common), 'it's the moss'.

Whoz says (in common), 'Simples cost you 10 mill? :P'.

Nazinthas says (in common), 'will probably'.

Nazinthas gets a pipeweed bread from an egg casing.
Nazinthas gets a pipeweed bread from an egg casing.
Nazinthas eats a pipeweed bread.
Nazinthas eats a pipeweed bread.

Nazinthas says (in common), 'less wear alot of chr'.

Whoz nods.

Nazinthas says (in common), 'the moss is -2 chr'.

Whoz says (in common), 'I use Gytar... he can go to 25 chr'.

Nazinthas gasps in astonishment.

You nod.

Whoz says (in common), 'OM's are pretty'.

Nazinthas says (in common), 'down right sexy'.

Whoz says (in common), 'It's the divine glow, or something'.

Nazinthas giggles.

Whoz thinks, '... shining outta their a$$'.

You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!

Nazinthas laughs.

Whoz snickers softly.

Cordir will be sure to mention that to Noctus.

Whoz grins happily.

Cordir ponders the use of Ordaineds as flashlights....

You blink, stunned by what you just said.

Whoz laughs.

You giggle.

Nazinthas giggles.

Whoz would like to see that.

Nazinthas laughs.

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