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Neodis: Of the heart
Sun Nov 3 09:55:50 2002
To: all
The heart is a remarkable thing. The work it does non-stop through a
beings life is truly an awe inspiring task. To give life so
consistently for decades, or eons, depending upon the creature you
think of.

But when I say, "Of the heart" I do not speak of an organ within the
body but of the metaphorical equivalent. Every race has this kinda of
heart. Even the Drow care for their young until they are an age where
they can look after themselves. The heart is place that you are
familiar with from the very beginning. As your mothers heart pumps
blood past your body, feeding you, keeping you warm in her womb.

Those of my heart refers to those whom I have a great fondness with.
Who comfort me in their presence. Keep me warm in the night and to
whom I seek to warm. Very few find their way into my heart, I follow
an Evil Goddess and this fosters little trust, a key essential to
finding the heart. But a few do, My Goddess, a few Coveners and even
fewer outsiders. But to be given the heart from someone outside the
Coven is truly remarkable.

To be able to give warmth and comfort, to care for someone is a great
task. To hold in your arms the trust and companionship. A great
emotion and terrible responsibility. For if that connection is ever
severed all that I have given for all that has been given shall be
lost. A wound to an artery so large would take a long time to heal.
So treasury your heart greatly and be careful to whom you give it.

But to those who find someone worthy of their heart I would envy.
Would envy but I have found someone to whom my heart belongs and
lucky me I have been given another in return.

In reflective kindness

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