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Lexie's ode:

Lexie: An Ode to the Suicide Mage
Wed Dec 18 04:53:33 2002
To: all

He laughs in the face of death,
And is rarely one to guild sit.
Curious one day to smell Scrie's breath,
Scrie, of course, would have none of it.

So off on new adventures, he did prance
Til one day he decided the Third Floor
Was where he wanted to dance.
Oh my, before my eyes there were goodies galore!

Christmas comes early for one naughty girl.
Many thanks to that suicidal fellow,
Who walks into rooms that make a sane mage's hair curl.
Please keep up the adventures and never mellow.

and Talyn's response:

Talyn: Re: Lexie: An Ode to the Suicide Mage
Wed Dec 18 13:47:49 2002
To: all
I think your note should look like this.

Lexie: Haha you died and i got your corpse!

Poor Belsambar, out doing stupid things as usual and died again.
*little jerk of a tear* I'll lovingly sort your corpse for you.



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