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(located at port 4000)

The NY GT!

Click on individual photos to see larger version.As soon as Kaldred gets off his butt and scans more (Ahem!) we'll post additional photos.

Kaldred playing his guitar before the trip to the park:

Photo by Aslan, who admits "This was one of my cruel, unexpected 'cheese!'-click pics. *grin* "

Kaldred and Nicolas playing guitar.

Kaldred's "wicked eq" - laying out after a special jam session




Aslan says of this photo:

" Talyn and Brutus being goofs : Brutus was yelling out, "'OUT OF RANGE! OUT OF RANGE!" when Talyn had him in a headlock

(Taken at the park)


Aslan and Talyn
(sorry, no larger version available)

From left to right:

Nicolas, Brutus, Aslan, Talyn, Oswald


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