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Today's Notes: Monday, 8/6/02

Amethystian: re:tynian
Mon Aug 5 08:51:05 2002
To: all

I have seen, in the recent past, many deaths happen due to room setting changes.
This is often very frusterating to experienced players who know the zones, to die in a room because the settings were changed.
I know that this is slightly different then Kain's death, but it is a linked issue.

I think that it would help to prevent anger and frusteration on players part if when the room settings are changed to any room that it be posted as a n
as a note or fyi note.

That way charachters dont die to the code changes without fair warning.

A good example was when the safe room in kuroth was changed, it was annouced.
IF that happened everytime, i think it would negate alot of frustration and anger towards the game.

Thank You for your time and Consideration on this Matter.

Mikey: time line
Mon Aug 5 12:04:58 2002
To: cordir
today at around noon mud time (monday aug 5) i died
it was my first death, killed by vex
Mikey, the tiger that likes everything

Gavin: A Window of Opportunity
Mon Aug 5 15:10:11 2002
To: all

I am lifting my level requirement for a period of one week.
Begining on Saturday the 10th, and ending on Saturday the 17th, anyone who is effective level 10 will be eligible for entry.
The normal requirement is level 15 in each of a player's classes.
Talk to me online, or post a note if you wish to take advantage of this window.

Gavin, Dark Lord of the Phalanx of Blood

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