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Okk: Not another poem
Sat Mar 23 11:02:00 2002
To: Thaygar Cordir all
Nash keep you walking
the Three guide your path
look beyond your soul and seek
your eternity

beyond the fires Heaven lies
beyond the shadows, Hell
see beyond this world and find
your salvation

"Ladder of Daggers"
by Nakka

you heard it as a child
you knew that it was there
in the wind
in the waters
in the air

old and new
harsh and smooth
ever flowing
ever changing
the music of Life

you felt it in your heart
you knew that you were one
with the forests
with the skies
with the sun

quiet and loud
humble and proud
steady, unstable
the rhythm of Life

but all was not good
and beauty failed you

along came Death and Life
and took it all away
cast shadows on your sight
and set your feet to stray

now all you see is pain
and everything is cold
in the land
in the heavens
in the world

but is it a different world?
no, only you have changed

so cast the shadows from your eyes
those distant memories
see beyond the darkness about you
the chains that bind you
you'd be surprised at what you find

the world you thought you lost
the beauty you did not believe
in the hills
in the stars
in the seas

Life troubles only the troubled
so dare to see what is
all the pain you thought you felt
is ashes in the wind

this world can be loved
and always can be
there's no avoiding getting hit:
but will you choose to bleed?

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