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Cordir: Two New Sections!

Tue Sep 10 12:58:39 2002
To: all

I'm working on developing a new section for my website... and need YOUR help! Please consider sending in info to Cordir

The first section is Faces Behind the Names... A collection of photos and biographical information on you, the player. To keep the bios somewhat uniform, folks sending in information are asked to include the following:
RL Name / Age / Country or State of residence / Primary TFC Char / Personal Story or Summary.
Entries that are obviously false will be discarded. Photos should be ... appropriate. (nothing obscene or nude, please.)

Second Section.. Remember that time... - a collection of stories... That close escape from Ebby... that time you bad recalled to.... that insane quest you completed.... etc. As always, PKs are not accepted.

As soon as I get enough entries to post, I'll add these new sections.


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