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(located at port 4000)

Tynian: New TFC host found
Wed Jul 31 18:51:00 2002
To: all
FastQ Communications has agreed to host "The Final Challenge." They have
indicated that I can make the move at any time. Rather than put it off,
I'd like to make the move this Friday, August 2nd. I don't have an
exact timeline on when TFC will be unavailable or available again. I
just plan on winging it. :-)

In any event, DNS being what it is, '' will not
immediately point to the correct address. It will take some time to
propagate throughout the Internet. Therefore, I have set up
'', which points to the new IP address

Since the server is leaving my possession to live elsewhere, I want to
put a faster drive into the machine, and perhaps some more memory.
This will increase the downtime a bit.

I'll get the game back up as quickly as possible.


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