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(located at port 4000)

(log is from Neodis' point of view)
Your alarm (at) The Cillidellia Adventurer's Guild has been triggered.

You say, 'NOW'.

Izual utters the words, 'summon'.
Phantasm arrives suddenly.

Izual stops following you.
Izual utters the words, 'curse'.

Izual parries Phantasm's attack.
Phantasm parries Izual's attack.

Izual utters the words, 'fear'.

Your chilling touch devastates Phantasm.     

Phantasm attacks and narrowly misses Izual.
Phantasm outmaneuvers Izual's dodge attempt.
Phantasm's pierce wounds Izual.
Phantasm parries Izual's attack.
Your slice injures Phantasm.
Phantasm parries your attack.

Izual utters the words, 'harm'.
Izual's harm spell DISEMBOWELS Phantasm.

Your chilling touch wounds Phantasm.

Izual parries Phantasm's attack.
Izual's pierce hits Phantasm.
You attack, but it wasn't close to where Phantasm was.
Your slice injures Phantasm.

Izual utters the words, 'harm'.   

Your chilling touch maims Phantasm.
Phantasm is stunned, but will probably recover.

Izual's pierce injures Phantasm.
Phantasm is DEAD!!
You hear Phantasm's death cry.

Izual gets the corpse of Phantasm.

<> cheer

You cheer enthusiastically at the way things are going.

Bliss ftells, 'good job Izual'.

Izual ftells, 'muha'.

Izual utters the words, 'word of recall'.
Izual invokes recall magic. 
Izual disappears.

You ftell, 'cough cough'.

Bliss ftells, 'and Neo!'.

Izual ftells, 'guild'.

Izual ftells, 'neodis nice'.

You ftell, 'CHEER'.

Bliss ftells, 'wow neo was there!'.

You quaff a clear red potion.
Recall Room
[Exits: west]

Izual was last here, traveling west.  

Bliss ftells, 'Gratz'.


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