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Neodis: Addendum: Alignments - Sun Aug 25 05:40:11 2002
Mon Aug 26 10:30:53 2002
To: all
I have gotten actual constructive feedback on this note and have
been asked to make a correction. As Im about as unwilling to touch
that monster again as Lord Tynian was to read it I will post here a
follow up instead. Its not a correction though, its an expansion
on the ideas that I had discussed beforehand.

We all know that to determine your alignment we must judge your
intentions. We also know that the model provided allowed for good
and evil and a balance of good and evil which we called Neutral.
Lanfear approached me and asked me about those who did not recognize
good and evil. It was her belief that it is possible to come across
an intention that was neither good nor evil.

The trick here is that the intention is most likely the result of
several other intentions. In this case we can form a motive and use
that as the basis for judgment of the final intention. She gave me
an example and Ill use it here.

If Lanfear intends to kiss me, she wants to know if this is a good
intention or evil. Well its subjective. I jumped and of course said
it was good but thats from my perspective. Her intention to kiss me
as far as Im concerned is good, but for every other male in the
realm Im sure it appears as evil. As no intention can be neutral
itself we have an issue here. So whats Lanfear's motive behind
kissing me? If she wants to kiss me because she likes me well then
one might say that its a good intention. If she wants to kiss me
to make everyone else jealous well you might call that evil.

Now to contradict that. The alignment we are referring to here is
called perceptive alignment and it will change from person to
person, the judgment of intentions is very subjective. This
alignment refers directly to the alignment that each of us perceives
another to be. In the above example I see Lanfear as good, whilst
others perceive her as evil. How she treats each of us in the future
will form the basis of her alignment as seen by each individual.

We have another alignment in our realm. Its the objective alignment
and is determined to be that of the God that we follow. As Dictated
by Lord Tynian. It is possibly the only objective judgment of any
intention anywhere.

Lanfear also wished to know about those who have no concept of good
and evil or those who simply do not care about it. This is easy to
respond to. Just because you cant see the air doesnt mean youll
suffocate. The subjective model uses commonly understood concepts of
good and evil based on the best interpretation of the absolutes. If
you have difficulty in making judgments you can always ask someone.
If you simply do not wish to tag a judgment onto an intention then
none of this should really concern you.

Please note that I am not going to judge every intention someone
brings me because they think they can outsmart me. Lanfear had
something really constructive to contribute and I really appreciate
her point of view. If you have any questions or would like something
cleared up feel free to ask.

Kind regards
Keeping Philosophy FUN!

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