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(located at port 4000)

(This log's from Natilena's point of view)

> s
In the Gale of N'Kai
[Exits: north east down]
Dark winds whistle past, black acidic spittle searing you,
tittering gusts mocking you. The Gale is powerful, capable
of supporting you in mid-air; it is also unnatural, for no
earthly source could possibly be maintaining it.
(Translucent) A Formless Spawn of N'Kai wings through the air here.
This is the room you set out to find!
You receive 1000 experience points.
### Natilena has scored 12 points on a location quest (2000 points total).

 > save
Your effective level is 40

Version  3.99e of TFC was compiled on 06/17/02 at 20:14.

Glamdring gossips (in common), 'whoa'.

Tamar showers you with confetti!

You gossip (in elven), 'YAY!'.


Tamar has transferred you.
A Relaxing Stretch of Sand
[Exits: none]
Mist rises in the warm air.  The waterfall splashing in the background
produces a thousand little notes which gradually blend into one soothing
sound.  Warm, inviting pink sand lies beneath your feet.
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.

No one has been through here recently.

(Intense Dark Blue Aura) Tamar is here.
An ocelot is here, purring contentedly.

You smile happily.

Tamar says (in elven), 'For your location quests...'.

Tamar gives you a gold filigreed compass.

> l compass
Natilena's golden compass points the way.

You laugh.

Tamar says (in elven), 'It has an inscription on it as well'.

> l inscription
Inscribed on the inside of the compass' lid are the words, "To 
Natilena, in honor of reaching 2000 points on location quest. May
your compass always point true."

You say (in common), 'its beautiful!'.

You hug her.

Tamar smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'thank you!'.

Tamar says (in elven), 'Glad you like it'.

Tamar says (in elven), 'You can wear it'.

> wear compass
You stop using a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder.
You wear a gold filigreed compass as a decoration.

You say (in common), 'never lost again!'.

Tamar says (in elven), 'I cannot imagine you being that way in the first place'.

Tamar says (in elven), 'But now you truely have no excuse'.

You laugh.

Tamar waves goodbye to you.  Have a good journey.

You wave.

Tamar has transferred you.
Safehaven Adventurer's Guild
[Exits: south west]
You are in the foyer of the Safehaven Adventurer's Guild. The room
is warm and cheery, and seems friendly, if impersonal. You get the
feeling that few locals use the guild, but travelers stop by fairly
often. A bookcase on one wall holds several books. To the south,
a glowing blue portal leads into the main area of the guild. A door
to the west leads out into the street.

You managed to trample any tracks that were here...

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