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All About Stew

You gossip, 'Nasr, please report to the Guild Hall'.

You ftell, 'c'mon back, Kat'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'On the double. '.

Nasr arrives from the north.

You ftell, 'if you have stew, come to guild hall'.

Nasr blinks.

You grin mischievously.

Nasr grins a toothless grin.
Nasr picks his nose sniffs it and flicks it in your direction.

Solaron says (in common), 'Hands are full. '.

Katrana says (in common), 'your hands are full'.

Keller arrives from the south.

You say, 'ewwwwwwwwwwww'.

Oook ftells, 'So, what's the story on the stew?'.

You ftell, 'it's special. :-)'.

Nasr blinks.

You ftell, 'The opposite of ducks and Syla.'.
You ftell, 'stew and Nasr '.

Nasr eats a bowl of rabbit stew.

You say, 'Nasr, your hands are full.'.

Solaron says (in ogre), 'Your hands are full. '.

Nasr says (in common), 'stew good'.

You say, 'and we have lots of stew for you.'.

Gillfen ftells, 'The stew started life as some individual items.. and have since come together in the best community of food to be found in the known world.'.

Clue says, 'hmmmm ... stew'.

Oook ftells, 'uh-huh'.

You ftell, 'Nasr and Stew enjoy a very special relationship'.

Solaron gives a bowl of fish stew to Nasr.
Nasr rubs his tummy and burps loudly.

Gillfen gossips (in common), 'well, you wanted a story.. YOU'RE the bard.. that's all I know about the Stew.'.

You ftell, '( there's a fun log on the time line about it )'.

Oook ftells, 'Ahhh. And thanks, Gillfen'.

Gillfen ftells, 'you want a better story on stew, you expand on it'.

Nasr says (in common), 'stew for me'.

Abe leaves north.

You nod.
You say, 'Lots of stew.'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me thank you'.

You say, 'You're welcome.'.

Nasr says (in common), 'how many shiny me pay'.

You shake your head.
You say, 'none.'.
You say, 'You keep your shiny.'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me not no that number'.

You say, 'not any'.

Nasr puts a huge loaf of wheat bread in a saddlebag.

You say, 'Nasr, did you see the story about you on the time line?'.

Nasr says (in common), 'they stroy me'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me have stroy of perfect stew'.

You grin mischievously.

You say, 'Okay, tell me the story.'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me make once in forset me young this time long when me not want fight '.

Nasr says (in common), 'me find pot'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me so hungry'.

Nasr says (in common), 'so me look in forset forset nice so it give me thing put in pot'.

Nasr says (in common), 'then pot get hot'.

Nasr says (in common), 'fire bad'.

Nasr says (in common), 'but fire good'.

Nasr says (in common), 'fire help make stew good '.

Nasr says (in common), 'make me full'.

Nasr says (in common), 'stew need have thing make good'.

Nasr says (in common), 'only can find in forset'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me one day find again'.

Nasr says (in common), 'and me then keep pot make many stew for all'.

Nasr sits down and thinks deeply.

Nasr eats a bowl of fish stew.

Nasr eats a cup of spicy rodent stew.

Nasr rubs his tummy and burps loudly.

You grin mischievously.

Clue shows her approval by clapping her hands together.

Nasr blinks.
Nasr says (in common), 'you clap ?'.
Nasr says (in common), 'why clap'.

Tranquility has entered the game.
You hug Tranquility.

You say, 'Tranquility, I'd like you to meet Nasr.'

You say, 'He's quite nice. Just be careful if he asks you to jump into a stew pot.'.

Nasr says (in common), 'she good in stew ?'.
Nasr raises an eyebrow.

Keller shakes its head.

Clue says, 'she bird'.

Nasr says (in common), 'bird like chicken ?'.

Keller frowns at what Nasr did.
Nasr says (in common), 'me sorry'.

Keller says (in common), 'we don't eat things that can talk :)'.

Nasr says (in common), 'me eat magical thing it talk '.
Nasr says (in common), 'it talk in me belly once'.
Nasr says (in common), 'then me pucnh belly it stop talk'.
Tranquility giggles.

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