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Cordir: My Shadow's Ordainment
Tue Mar 19 21:03:49 2002
To: all who have asked

As most of you know, as a result of my retirement in October,
Noctus and Clue lost Ordainment status as they were on at the
time it occoured.

Later, after my reinstatement, we petitioned Tynian that he
reinstate these two very worthy players, having lost Ordainment
through my action, not their own. It was a unique situation,
never seen before in TFC's history.

After long consideration, Tynian decided that no, he would not
restore Noctus and Clue. However, he left the decision of Nyx's
Ordainment in my hands.

Nyx and I discussed this at length, and the Chosen as a whole
discussed the situation. It was Nyx's decision, out of fairness
to those who lost Ordainment within the Chosen, and also out of
fairness to every Ordained Mortal who has lost their Imm through
promotion or retirement or deletion, that he give it up.

I am entirely certain I would have been far more selfish if the
choice was soley mine. I deeply respect Nyx as a player, and a
character, and have been very priviledged to have him serve in
the capacity of Ordained of the Chosen of Fate since July 9, 1999.

He was my first follower. My first Ordained. Irreplaceable.


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