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Triston: My blue eyes (Warning: Contains big words and affects roleplay by +6)
Tue Mar 19 15:51:21 2002
To: all
Blonde hair tumbles down across her shoulders while blue eyes sparkle
with unique intelligence that has captured more than my mortal heart as other
males stumble scross their tongues and other body parts trying to tempt
her gaze in their direction. Those majestic azure eyes only find a resting place
in my direction as Lexie's temptations exceed my desire.

This emotion dangles on the edge of lucid passion and entwines our hearts
so that even an immortal cannot unlace the bonds we have forged in the
furnace of our imaginations. Yet some disparage this relationship
out of jealousy, greed or spite, but this insatiable quench I have for her
will resist these fires, throes and malace acts of agression towards us both
and will only replenish the cup of love we share during each kiss.

We will heed no warning, scurry from any threat or unwaver from any
guise these assassins attempt to wield against us. My mortality rests
in my desire to perform the perfect evil that tempts us all and while those
who maim, kill and destroy extract a powerful yet brief wave in the lives
of those they affect, I am the one who devours passions until the blood
runs down my chin and I lick the excess of your dreams back into my mouth.

The magical chain I draw is from my heart to hers and the magic it contains
is stronger than the strands of time. So throw your dust into the air
and we will watch it drift with the wind and fade from our memories as
we taste our good fortunes in the chalice of life together.

Unbridled in the dark shadows of time.

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