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Cordir: A quest!
Sun Oct 20 11:16:53 2002
To: all who enjoy quests

This one is pretty straightforward. Send the correct answer to the questions
below to me at Cordir . The deadline is twelve hours from the
posting of this note. Yes, there are prizes.

1) What creature glares about with 'red points of light (that) flicker in its
empty eyesockets.'
2) Which weapon gleams 'as if it were the surface of a lake.'
3) Name Lorna's Paladins and Ordained Mortals, in the order in which they
were ordained.
4) Where can you find a bridge of granite, reinforced with iron bars, in which
the stone and metal seem to flow together?
5) Where can you find Discipline Row?
6) Where specifically can you find a marble sundial?
7) What race especially think that perhaps elves should just lighten up a
little on occasion.
8) Where can you find a tree mob in the form of a crucifix?
9) Where can you draw closed velvet drapes to make you feel as if you are
floating in a void?
10) In what room can you find a pool that bestows comprehension underneath
a rainbow of colors that dance upon a ceiling?
11) Where exactly can you find a shrine that centers around an idol of a
shadowy figure, drenched in blood?
12) What creature measures over 300 meters?
13) What item hints at anger within the Nagivation Room?
14) What does the master of Neutrality contemplate?
15) What does the master of goodness look like?
16) What were the first hundred dragons created from?
17) What is the zombie of Jennie sketching?
18) Where can you find a detached tentacle from a giant squid floating before you?
19) What kind of horror awaits those who seek out A Room Fer Rent?
20) What mob, in what zone, looks vaguely you-shaped?
21) What is the name of the keeper of Dismali Lighthouse?
22) Where can you find a female elven assassin waiting?
23) In what room can you find an eel?
24) What does By-Tor seek?
25) Where can you find a cauldron ornamented with small pictures, featuring a pig,
a harpist, a boy, a girl, and a small furry humanoid?

(continued next note)
Cordir: A quest!
Sun Oct 20 11:20:54 2002
To: all who enjoy quests

26) What does a raven think?
27) What can you not imagine being much closer to the ground and still be on top
of the ground than?
28) From what do you 'draw back in disgust from the repulsive things.'
29) What did Jack and Jill fight over?
30) With spells and rapier at his side, who is more than a match for the likes of you?
31) What mob carries the description Whew! What a stinker!
32) Where may an assassin whose eyes are branded shut be found?
33) What is a male slave, who bears whip marks across his naked back, about to die from?
34) What does the mouth of the carnivorous water plant spread?
35) What is a sucker fish waiting for?
36) What are on the beak of the black eagle?
37) What must the lookout be able to see?
38) Where in Safehaven Bay does the sailing ship dock?
39) What is a wily punk of a monkey doing, other than swinging through trees?
40) What are the beady eyes of a giant black squirrel filled with?
41) What must you be to combat the displacer beast?
42) What crawl over the decaying body of a staggering, rotting zombie?
43) Whose younger brother is Elmer?
44) In what room can you find a mural that depicts a pickpocket sneaking out of
the Candlers' Guildhall?
45) What is a mole oblivious to?
46) Where does a ghost emerge from a painting to attack?
47) What does Baron Marel lament?
48) What is the decaying form of a man, dressed in black over red dragon-scale armor?
49) What are baby gorillas left under the protection of?
50) What does a draconian concubine wear?

Good luck!

The email to use is Cordir (at sign) (My zmud is wiping out the at sign)

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