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Tamar: Moving Quest Results
Mon Jun 17 21:07:01 2002
To: All
18 teams (consisting of one or more persons) entered the quest, and
of these, 8 teams turned in items and completed the quest. There were
a total of 57 packing lists and 226 items in the quest. Here are
the results:

First place with 209 items - team of Izzy, Ink and Sicarian
Second place with 194 items - team of Fenrir, Vaalgamon and Neon

The remaining teams turned in 186, 183, 124, 101, 99 & 45 items
respectively. Thanks to all who participated in any way, and to the
questors in particular.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity,
Mistress of her own Dreams,
Supreme Packrat

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