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Cordir: Mosi the cretin

Tue Dec 3 17:42:33 2002
To: All in the Realm

Today, Mosi, an unaligned individual, asked Ravin of Fate for company dealing with a mob. The mob conned as Death to Ravin, but Mosi assured him that they would be able to defeat the Ofcol Cityguard working together. When the battle ensued, Mosi deliberately did not assist in the combat. Ravin stood and fought, dying. Mosi took the corpse and logged off.

Mosi tells you (in common), 'Lemme get that is worth anything to me out of it, then I might think about giving it to you'.

Mosi tells you (in common), 'Now that I think of it, I like the corpse as it is...In my inventory'.

This, to me, clearly confirms her intent to get Ravin killed. I post this as a warning to anyone in her level range that Mosi cannot be trusted. While we have no fjust, Fate has named her Anathema and Newbiekiller.

In service,
Cordir, Lady of Fate

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