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Morphius: The Man...The Myth...The Legend...Goblez!!!!

Thu Aug 22 00:30:42 2002
To: all

Well i know all of you know Goblez, the big enormous Ogre Warrior that level 30. He hits hard ..... OMG not an ogre hitting hard!!! *sarcastic* like it doesnt take a rocket scientist to make an ogre hit hard... Well this note is directed to you...since your so huge and can kill anyone. This is how a conversation goes between a normal player like myself, Lvl 30 Shaman and a Holy hard hitting Ogre.... Hey Goblez go through EC lately? No why? Cause you have pink aura. Pink looks good on you Goblez.....Oh so your saying that i represent Coven colors as pink!....No, u and pink just go good together....Well i can kill you anytime i want to....Oh yea ur a hard hitting ogre, dont see that many hard hitting ogres on this game *very sarcastic*.....Oh then why dont we fight in TC, u scared? .....I dont fight anymore, but if u do find me and attack me then i will kill you....Oh im so scared of a naked shaman ..Thats the end of the conversation. So Goblez, the man the myth the legend....whenever u feel the need just bring it. I will fight u naked, or i will fight u eq'd, doesnt matter.... ponder on that one Big Bad Hitting Ogre.

Morphius Kelir, Unholy Warlock of the Prestidge.

Neodis: Morphius
Thu Aug 22 02:59:33 2002
To: all
For someone who's retired you sure do talk a lot about something that no one else has any particular interest in hearing.

Kind regards
Keep the FUN alive!

(Editor's Note: Morphius posted another note yelling at Neodis which said something to the effect of "I wasn't talking to you!" however it was removed by the time I started collecting notes.)

Tynian: The To: line

Thu Aug 22 10:14:14 2002
To: morphius all
Allow me to point out the obvious, Morphius. You posted a note to EVERYONE. So, as a matter of fact, you were talking to Neodis.

If you had a specific audience in mind, they could be directly addressed by putting their names on the 'To:' line. I have found that it works
pretty well, actually.

This has been a public service announcement.

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