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Thunderoad: Some Misadventures (subtitled: Adventures I would have liked to miss)
Mon Feb 4 00:48:00 2002
To: all
When you find yourself at the adventurers guild, (at a young impressionable
age) and in such great company as Wylin, or Tirant,...and hear the tales of
their great journeys and struggles,...You end up very inspired and better off
for the wisdom, or just plain big headed and foolhearty, ready to take on the
world. Such was the case with me,...after recieving some advice, assistance,
and encouragment from the famed elf Tirant. An eldar, both wise and gracious.
Naturally, he did not intend for me to go off like a shot to Wolftooth Gorge
and demand of the goblin horde, that they release all their slaves and
captives, and end their thousands of years of habitual evil practices, or pay
the consequences. (to be delivered by, 'yours truly') It just seemed like a
good idea at the time. At first, unbelievably,...I had great success. The
soldiers of the outer posts, of wolftooth gorge, are scantily armed and
provisioned, and certainly not ready for an invasion. But even goblins,...if
you kill enough of them, start to realize that having you muck about and
wreak havoc in their stronghold is not a good idea. And word soon gets round
to the bigger, bolder, and just plain nastier goblins, that you're around, &
causing problems, and that, well, it would be much better for everyone
concerned, if you were made dead warrior, instead of live crusader. Even the
slaves, were thinking they were better off under goblin management,...after I
had rallied a few to my new banner of freedom, and we were hold up in a dark
passage, in the depths of the goblin mines, with very little food or water,
(or hope for that matter) to sustain us. I was, in fact facing a mutiny, by
my own refugees! Well,...the goblins found us first (luckily!) and I was
tossed about like a ragdoll,...It quite reminded me of Maxcivio's adventure
no too long ago. By the good graces of Cordir I managed an escape, but I was
in tatters, and my equipment was now littered all about the mines. I sought
aid at the guild, and found Tranquility there, and another strange creature
the like of which I've never seen before,...when he told me he was an
Aarakocra, I was completely taken aback, and was glad he wasn't offened when
I questioned whether he was some type of winged 'gumbo'. His name, in fact,
was Keat, a living legend, and magnificent warrior. We travelled back to the
gorge together, and if we didn't manage to free the slaves and change the
world, we did manage a swift negotiation for my old equipment back, with the
provision that I never return to the mines again. We walked togther back to
Midgaard. "Well" said Keat "No Gorge, No Og,'re fast becoming an
an unwelcome sight in every corner of the realms,'re to be
congratulated!" I noted the sarcasm in his voice,...but was heartened when he
promised to help me get reorganised,..."and then perhaps,..." he said "Your
demands, with the goblins might hold a little more water."
"Oh, like my lungs?" I replied,..."What?" said Keat. "Tirant casted this
bloody water breathing spell on me, and I feel as though I have pnemonia,...I
can hardly breath!" We laughed as I coughed up some mucous,...and it was
quite cheery on the road home after that,...Thunderoad.

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