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Majere: Immortality Petition

(posted with Permission)

Mon May 20 12:29:58 2002
To: immortal

When I first stepped into this world it was by accident.

After a few minutes of watching people chat I decided I'd give it a chance. So I began walking around reading every description and detail put into each room. I soon found myself lost, before I had a chance to cry out for help or close the window on my telnet an ambassador came to help me. Masher guided me to the guild without hesitation and also gave me some hints as to the basics of the game. Thanks to Mashers help I became a permanent figure in the world of TFC, I also brought a variety of other players with me. From that first encounter with Masher I decided one day I too would become an Ambassador and help the _truly_ new players to the game. Perhaps I could also help an accidental entry to the world remain a permanent addition.

-I would enjoy Ambassador status period.
However i've included the following for FLI advancement should I come to that.

Over my long stay here I enjoyed the warmth of many many Immortals learning plenty from each: Pyros, Lorna, Robert, Masher, Torchbearer, Natas, and now Bliss. After all of these followings I feel one day I may run a successful following taking from each of my followings the best qualities. As to my leadership skills Im sure each god recognized my ability, generosity, fairness, and above all my patience. I have the necessary technical requirements for Immortality, 66 Mobmasteries, and max levels in both of my classes. I truly care about the well being of this place so much that I made the first or one of the first donations to the contigency fund, id like to think i suggested it to Tynian but I can't be sure I was the first =).

I have also contributed to the game with an area The Monastery, and another in waiting The Tinkers.

Majere, Intercessor of the Coven, Lord of Monks

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