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Rath: Metal armor
Mon Sep 16 11:43:15 2002
To: all
Armor class in general should be a much,much bigger factor in PvP combat.
As it stands, heavily armored people still get whupped up on way too much in PvP combat. It is metal for a reason
Knights wore metal armor for a reason - it afforded them better protection. Granted,the armor was rarely full plate,
and more often then not a combination of scale mail,etc. The point is,hits against a piece of metal armor, in general
(I realize it depends on the weapon) are less painful and cause less injury then hits against leather armor. This should be
incorporated into the game.
Maimer: Metal Armor
Mon Sep 16 14:44:25 2002
To: all
Calculating more ac into PvP combat will unequally give an advantage
to lvl 40 Cleric/Warriors and lvl 50 Cleric/Warrior/Ordains. Cleric
classes have ruled the pk realm for years with a few notable exceptions.
Their combination of protective spells and damage, makes a cleric/fighter
a lethal opponent that is difficult to kill.

I understand the logic in the idea that a metal fighter is harder
to hurt. The problem with the idea is not its logic, its failure is that
it will only widen the gap of cleric advantage.

Motive for this idea may not be for solving some inadequacy of the cleric
fighter. Regardless, this is not a solution for either.


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