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DarkClaw: Hold On (OOC Prose)

Fri May 17 10:36:41 2002
To: all

I've watched your struggle, day in and day out...
Felt everything that you've been going through...
And I know it may be a lot to ask you to keep fighting...
But please, do it for me...for us.

I've shed countless tears, knowing your pain...
Wishing there was more I could do...feeling helpless...
There's so much I say to you...
But the words always elude me...
And the only ones I can say are..."I love you."
With all my heart, I love you...can I ever say it enough?

Daddy...hold on...
You've always been so strong...even at your weakest.
I'm still your little girl, and always will be.
...I'm not ready to live without you yet.

(Dedicated to my Father, Owen J. Longberry, with much love.)

Laura - the person behind DarkClaw.

DarkClaw: OOC: My Father
Sat May 18 13:26:23 2002
To: all
For those of you who have shown your concern and spoke your kind
words, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's not easy
for anyone to go through something like this, but unfortunately,
we all have to at one time or another. On a good note, my Dad
is doing a bit better today, thank the Gods. With luck, he will
fight his way through this and overcome it. I have faith that,
whatever is meant to be...will happen. Thank you for keeping us
in your thoughts and prayers. I love you all for it. *hugs*


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