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Tynian: Lag problems
Sat Jun 15 11:33:33 2002
To: all
I have done some initial investigation of the lag problems. My conclusions:

1. Bandwidth does not seem to be a problem, at least for now. We have used
a maximum of 20% of the available bandwidth for the days that I have

2. During at least one big lag period, I was remote from the server, and
was able to determine that the problem was network-related. Network packets
would be dropped badly for a time, then things would get better. The lag
period ended before I could establish where the packet loss was occuring.

3. I've gotten a few volunteers with static IP addresses, and I have
been sending some pings their way for additional analysis. If you have
a static IP address, and don't mind me sending ping packets at you,
please post me a note, and include your IP address, ISP and city.

4. Independent of network issues, there are a couple of server upgrades
that I'd like to do, including the addition of memory. I have the
hardware now. It's just a matter of taking the server down for a few
minutes to get it installed. I'll probably wait for a time that I have
to bring the game itself down anyway.

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