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Kissing Lessons

This log was submitted by Sabella.
You gossip (in common), 'Kissing lessons in the guild'.
Someone gossips (in common), 'wee'.
Dazzle gossips (in common), 'lol'.
Someone gossips (in common), 'with or without tongue'.
Dazzle gossips (in common), 'agh!'.
Sturm gossips (in common), 'I suppose evils would be best at it, seeing as how they are all seductive and stuff :)'.
You gossip (in common), 'Depends on what you want to learn, dearie'.
Someone gossips (in common), 'heh'.
Sturm gossips (in common), 'I am afraid I would have to teach you :)'.
You gossip (in common), '*snicker* You don't know me very well, do you, dearie?'.
Sturm gossips (in common), 'of course not, I have not seen you on in quite a long time'.
[Sabella heads down to the lower Guild hall ]
The Lower Hall
[Exits: north up]
Sturm is resting here.
Aoife is resting here.
Sabella poses.
Sturm smiles at you.
Aoife grins happily at you.
You point proudly at yourself.
Sturm stares dreamily at you, completely lost in your eyes.
Aoife says (in common), 'well i gotta go'.
Aoife waves happily.
Sturm hugs Aoife.
Sturm looks at you.
You say (in common), 'so, are you signing up for a lesson?'.
Sabella grins mischievously.
Sturm sits down and thinks deeply.
Aoife chuckles, evidently amused.
Aoife leaves north.
Aoife arrives from the north.
Aoife leaves up.
( a line was lost due to link loss )
Sturm says (in common), 'and has taught me quite a bit'.
You ponder the question.
Sturm says (in common), 'but I am flattered you would accept a lesson from me'.
You say (in common), 'well, you could ask Trakker for my references'.
Sturm bows deeply.
Sturm giggles.
You say (in common), 'Or... Stouthbound...'.
You say (in common), 'Ptarchyzk won't talk about the kiss I gave him...'.
Ah, don't take it so hard.
Sturm comforts you.
You say (in common), 'It makes him turn red.'.
who sturm
1 player.
Hum [ Cl:14 Wa:17 ] Sturm Brightblade, Swashbuckler of ITK *Serra*
Sturm chuckles, evidently amused.
Sabella smiles wickedly, delightedly.
You are Sabella has a special friend.,
105 years old (187 hours), created Fri Oct 31 97 21:49:31.
(Dreade the 3rd, The Testing of Fates, year 2256, 6pm.)
You were born before birth records were actually kept.
You live in Midgaard and your race is Human.
You are a level 2 Warrior, level 17 Mage.
You worship Molo, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 211/211 hit, 172/172 mana, 155/155 movement, 16 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 34/35 items with weight 226/500 kg.
Str: MAX Int: MAX Wis: TRN Dex: MAX Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are fairly lucky.
You have scored 5038 exp (151364 total), and have 4322 gold coins.
You need 3333 exp for level 3.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes. Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 0 hit points.

You are standing.
You are somewhat protected.
You are Evil.
You give Sturm 1000 gold.
You say (in common), 'Okay, gimme a lesson.'.
Sabella arches one wicked brow.
Sturm sits down and thinks deeply.
Sturm says (in common), 'I don't know if I can compete with one such as yourself'.
l self
"Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide....
Voices trapped in yearing, memories trapped in time...
The Night is my companion, and Solitude my guide...
Would I spend forever here and not be satisfied...?"
The young woman before you returns your gaze with a knowing smile playing
over her ripe lips. There is a challenge in those topaz eyes, a gauntlet
thrown down, and in them, you can see bold speculation as to whether
you would be a worthy entertainment.. She so loves a challenge...
Pulling your eyes from hers, you take in the rest of her form.... all of
it... she is bare before your gaze, ornamented only in jewelry and the
silk cords that bind her wrists... and she seems rather pleased with her
current state.
Sabella meets your eyes again, and somehow she looks deeper into you than
any mere mortal has any right to do.... something sinuous and serpentine
moves in the back of your mind, and you feel the first hint of a scream
begin to well up within you as you seek release, escape, avoidance of that
unnatural, unholy, invasive touch....
Sabella is in perfect health.
Sabella is using:
<used as light> a flaming black rose
<worn around neck> a black mantle with jeweled breast clasp
<worn around neck> a red dragon crystal necklace
<worn on body> a whisper thin veil
<worn on legs> a pair of black fishnet stockings
<worn on feet> a pair of black leather stiletto heels
<worn on hands> some red dragon skin gloves
<worn about body> a daisy chain
<worn about waist> a niobium nipple ring
<worn around wrist> a black silk cord
<worn around wrist> (Humming) a ruby bracelet
<wielded> a spiked whip
<held> a lump of coal
<worn with pride> a niobium nipple ring
<worn with pride> a niobium nipple ring
You say (in common), 'who, little ole me?'.
Sturm gives you 1000 gold.
Sturm says (in common), 'I will try'.
Sturm says (in common), 'but free of charge, since I have no idea what I am getting in to'.
Sabella chuckles softly.
Sabella takes a small step closer, bringing her .. quite close..
Sturm sits down and thinks deeply.
Sturm says (in common), 'you first :)'.
You shake your head.
You say (in common), 'You said you could teach me..'.
You say (in common), 'lets see your best.'.
Sturm giggles.
Sturm says (in common), 'but...but...'.
You say (in common), 'then I'll show you MY best.'.
Sturm says (in common), 'ok'.
Sabella grins wickedly, her lips curving invitingly.
Sturm gives you a long, sweet kiss, that warms you up on the inside, making you feel...naughty.
Sturm scowls.
Sturm says (in common), 'bad one'.
Sturm says (in common), 'your turn :)'.
You ponder the question.
Sabella inches a bit closer to you, so that her body just brushes yours.
Sabella slides her arms up around your neck, and goes up on tiptoe.
Sabella nuzzles your neck lightly with her lips, sliding up the column of your throat.
Sabella nibbles lightly upon your earlobe, then along the line of your jaw.
Sturm sighs as he thinks of you. Touching, huh?
Sabella reaches your lips, and delicately coaxes them apart with her own.
Sabella nibbles lightly at your lower lip, then slowly caresses it with her tongue.
Sabella kisses you deeply, her fingers tangling in your hair.
Sturm faints, falling into a heap on the ground.
Sabella moans softly against your mouth, her tongue exploring you.
Sabella breaks off the kiss as you fall to the floor.
Sturm says (in common), 'how can I compete with one so beautiful'.
Sabella giggles, looking down at you mischievously.
who sabella
1 player.
Hum [ Wa: 2 Ma:17 ] Sabella has a special friend.
Durin arrives from above.
title , Witch of the Black Conclave
Sturm says (in common), 'I see how you can make and break men so easily now'.
Sabella offers you a hand to help you up off the floor.
Durin chuckles, evidently amused.
Sturm takes Sabella's hand, and stands up.
You giggle in his presence.
Sturm hugs you.
You hug him.
Sturm says (in common), 'excellent lesson, M'lady'.
Durin leaves up.
Sabella dips in a low curtsy.
Sturm smiles happily.
Sturm stares dreamily at you, completely lost in your eyes.
You ponder the question.
You say (in common), 'I give girls kissing lessons, too.'.
who sturm
1 player.
Hum [ Cl:14 Wa:17 ] Sturm Brightblade, Swashbuckler of ITK *Serra*
Sturm says (in common), 'oh really?'.
You say (in common), 'want me to teach your Angel a few things?'.
Sturm chuckles, evidently amused.
Sturm says (in common), 'if you wish, I have not seen her for a long time though'.
Sturm says (in common), 'you are the best teacher I have ever had'.
Sabella makes a soft sound of comfort.
You say (in common), 'Poor lonely thing...'.
Sturm sniffs sadly.
Sabella smiles slowly.
You say (in common), 'I've been practicing for a long time.'.
You say (in common), 'I started my training young, and with devotion.'.
Sturm says (in common), 'I can tell, you are an expert'.
Sturm gives you 2000 gold.
You giggle.
Sturm says (in common), 'that was an excellent lesson'.
Sturm chuckles, evidently amused.
You say (in common), 'Well, my Master brooks no ineptitude.'.
Sturm sits down and thinks deeply.
Sabella arches one wicked brow.
Sturm sighs loudly.
You say (in common), 'Yes, dear?'.
Sturm says (in common), 'how terrible!'.
You say (in common), 'What?'.
Sturm says (in common), 'the one teaching me how to kiss is a sworn enemy!'.
You say (in common), 'That my Master demands excellence from His devout servants?'.
You say (in common), 'Oh.'.
You say (in common), 'That.'.
Sturm bursts into tears.
You say (in common), 'I am not a hunter.'.
Abender has entered the game.
You say (in common), 'You can ask around'.
You say (in common), 'I don't PK.'.
You say (in common), 'ABE!!'.
You hug him.
Abender says (in common), 'Hello, Witch'.
You say (in common), 'I was just giving Sturm a kissing lesson.'.
You say (in common), 'He fainted.'.
You giggle.
Sturm sighs as he thinks of you. Touching, huh?
You say (in common), 'Milord, tell Sturm I'm not a meanie'.
You say (in common), 'And I don't PK.'.
Abender chuckles, evidently amused.
Sturm says (in common), 'I am not worried about pking'.
Sturm says (in common), 'I am a sworn enemy to the conclave'.
You say (in common), 'I just... visit.'.
You sigh.
Abender says (in common), 'The Witch may not kill you, but you'll lose your heart nonetheless'.
You say (in common), 'All the fun ones to play with seem to say the same thing.'.
Sturm says (in common), 'I already have lost my heart'.
Sabella glances over at Abender, and sighs.
You say (in common), 'Yeah, him, too.'.
Sabella points at Abender accusingly, a sad look upon her face.
Abender says (in common), 'Not to you, Witch'.
Sturm says (in common), 'Mine is promised to Serra'.
Sabella whispers conspiratorially to Sturm, 'I was hoping I could make him love me desperately, but Bliss got him first.'
Sturm says (in common), 'but, Sabella, you certainly ARE the best kisser I have met yet'.
Abender stares at the sky.
Sabella curtseys again, with a happy smile.
You say (in common), 'Good. I'm glad to hear that.'.
You say (in common), 'Years of training paying off.'.
You giggle.
Sturm chuckles, evidently amused.
You say (in common), 'At least, even if I am your sworn enemy, you NOTICE....'.
Sabella glances meaningfully at Abender.
Abender coughs.
You say (in common), 'He... ' Here she points to Abender. ' Just stands there like a statue. He makes me feel like a complete novice failure.'.
Sabella scuffs the stone floor with her bare toe.
Sturm says (in common), 'well, as you are a woman, I will not attack you unless you harm someone of the blue following, or anyone who isn't evil'.
You say (in common), 'I don't.'.
You say (in common), 'I sometimes fire ball people, but its just for fun.'.
You say (in common), 'They know I can't hurt em.'.
You say (in common), 'And they don't loose gear.'.
Sturm says (in common), 'I have found one of Abender's greatest quality is that to ignore which he does not wish to hear'.
You say (in common), 'See.... once upon a time...'.
Sturm beams a smile at Abender.
You say (in common), 'It was different...'.
You say (in common), 'And I could have FUN...'.
You say (in common), 'I'd run up to Midgaard groups and blow stuff up.'.
You say (in common), 'But...'.
You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*
You say (in common), 'They changed things on me.'.
You say (in common), 'So, my purpose in life is gone.'.
You say (in common), 'I must languish about the guild'.
You say (in common), 'Seeking to educate and amuse'.
You say (in common), 'And tutor those who wish to be on the Inner Council of the Black Conclave.'.
Sabella has a PhD in Nashite History.
Sturm scowls.
Sturm sits down and thinks deeply.
Sturm sits down and thinks deeply.
You say (in common), 'Its not ALL about the 42-26-36, you know.'.
You say (in common), 'there ARE some brains in here...'.
Abender coughs.
Sabella taps her temple.
Abender grumbles.
Abender scratches his head.
Sabella glances over at the Stormreaver.
You say (in common), 'What's wrong, Abender?'.
Abender says (in common), 'nothing... nothing at all'.
Ramsey ftells, 'hey conclave'.
You say (in common), 'So ... we can still be friends, right, Sturm?'.
You ftell, 'Ramsey!'.
You ftell, '*hugs*'.
Ramsey ftells, 'belle!'.
You ftell, 'Come look at my pretties!'.
Sturm says (in common), 'as long as you do not attack those which I hold dear'.
You say (in common), 'I don't.'.
Ramsey arrives from above.
Grismal looks at you.
Sturm says (in common), 'or anyone outside of an evil following'.
Ramsey looks at you.
Sabella poses.
Sturm looks at Ramsey.
You say (in common), 'lookie!'.
Ramsey ftells, 'very very nice'.
You say (in common), 'THREE rings!'.
Sturm looks at you.
Grismal says (in common), 'how is a niobium nipple ring worn on waist?'.
You smirk.
You say (in common), 'Honey, if you don't know..'.
You say (in common), 'I cannot tell you.'.
You say (in common), 'But use your imagination.'.
Ramsey says (in common), 'Why is it that I am not surprised to find Sabella enthronged by a group of bloos?'.
You say (in common), 'OH, I was just teaching Sturm how to kiss'.
You say (in common), 'And then the others entered the game here.'.
You shrug.
Ramsey shivers uncomfortably.
You say (in common), 'Have I been bad, Ramsey?'.
Ah, don't take it so hard.
Sturm says (in common), 'I must leave'.
You say (in common), 'Okay.'.
c shi sturm
Sturm is surrounded by a force shield.
You say (in common), 'Have a nice day!'.
You ponder the question.
Sturm says (in common), 'Sabella, you are evil all in itself, you can take a man's heart at the blink of an eye'.
You say (in common), 'Where's the Preacher when I need him?'.
You say (in common), 'I need to be scolded and told what a wicked girl I am.'.
You hug Sturm.
Sturm says (in common), 'perhaps one day you will realize you follow the wrong path'.
You say (in common), 'Thank you, dear'.
Abender says (in common), 'Some men, lad... just the weak'.
Grismal stands up.
You say (in common), 'That's the nicest thing anyone's ever told me'.
Sturm hugs you.
Sturm scowls.
Sturm says (in common), 'do you accuse me of being weak Abender?'.
You say (in common), 'Sturm...'.
You say (in common), 'Here's the problem.'.
You say (in common), 'I LIKE pain.'.
Abender nods in recognition to Sturm.
Sturm scowls.
You say (in common), 'And good girls aren't supposed to like pain.'.
Sturm says (in common), 'then I will sacrifice myself, and all that I am'.
Sturm leaves up.
You say (in common), 'Good girls aren't supposed to like .... what on earth is that boy doing?'.
You ponder the question.
You shrug.
You say (in common), 'Ah well.'.
You say (in common), 'The youth of today are very... impulsive.'.
Abender nods his head in agreement.
You say (in common), 'So... where's the Preacher?'.
You say (in common), 'I've been sinning again.'.
You giggle.
You say (in common), 'So why do you bother talking to me, Abender, if you think me so horrid and wretched and pathetic?'.
Abender says (in common), 'I never said those things, Witch'.
You say (in common), 'You certainly imply them.'.
Abender says (in common), 'I simply know of your trap and choose to walk around it's obvious signs'.
Sabella looks at you silently for a moment, and shakes her head.
You say (in common), 'For someone so smart.... you really are dumb some times.'.

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