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Khore: The Words Of Power
Tue May 7 04:08:42 2002
To: all
Ask no questions. Collect the words of power, keep them to yourselves.
Their power and meaning will be made apparent when the time is right.
They have no value, nor use. Sacrifice them to whatever god you follow
once you have committed the word of power to heart, or writing, or otherwise.

Details will be forthcoming. Patience... patience...

and then much later...

Khore: What to do with these words?
Tue May 7 17:34:46 2002
To: all
I can tell you, but I'd rather have someone else tell you.
For the whole gist, send an email to
Subject: Magic Words
Containing: Your name and a NON-TFC Password


Subject: Magic Words
Name: Khore
Password: Vampy

VERY Important that the subject be "Magic Words".

Patience... patience...

and still later...

Khore: The Golem Quest Marches On
Tue May 7 23:26:02 2002
To: all

Those of you still needing access codes, email me.
Codes are only valid for questing players.
When the construction phase begins, everyone will be able to "peek" at the golems during construction.

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