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(located at port 4000)

Khore Challenges the Elves...

Khore gossips, 'Now, Keller, what's this court thing supposed to be?'.

Legolas gossips (in elven), 'Elven Power!'.
Lania gossips (in common), 'Elven Power!'.
Valas gossips (in elven), 'rah rah rah!'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'do you wish me to answer publically or privately, Lord Vampyric?'.

Khore gossips, 'I understand the note fine, are you offering your services as an arbiter to the public?'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'indeed, I am, Lord.'.

Khore gossips, 'Since I shall not make it.'.
Khore gossips, 'I have a request...'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'this being?'.

Khore gossips, 'I should like to walk as a mortal for a time, so to speak.'.
Khore gossips, 'And thereby subject myself to mortal rulings, such as your own.'.
Khore gossips, 'Arbitrate a wager for me, if you would.'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'Get Good Shoes Lord Khore! :)'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'If so be your desire, I will do so. What are the terms?'.

Khore gossips, 'The wager is that no mortal elf can best a champion of my choosing to a battle of wits.'.
Khore gossips, 'For which you shall be the sole and unbiased judge.'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Excuse me'.

Valas gossips (in elven), 'I'll try...'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'a battle of wits'.

Keller gossips (in common), '*nod* very well. Will this be a riddling contest as of old, or something else?'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'of HIS choosing'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'I wouldnt mind giving this one a shot'.

Legolas gossips (in common), 'keep trying to prove to yourselves that your superior :>'.

Valas gossips (in elven), 'he chooses the champion was my understanding'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Lego Let em have there fun'.

Khore gossips, 'As arbiter, I expect that you will find the terms of the contest to your discretion.'.

### [Somewhere, Neodis thinks that ELF means elf]

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'its so much funnier at the end when they get all big headed and such'.

Khore gossips, 'I will pay the winner, be it my champion or an elf, the sum of 100,000 gold pieces.'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'I see... very well.'.

Khore gossips, 'I humbly ask that the passionate be excluded from the contest.'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'Then we'll discuss the terms and choose champion at Court. Of course, Lord...tis only fair.'.

Khore gossips, 'In return, I shall pay the passionate the sum of 25,000 gold pieces.'.
Khore gossips, 'For your services.'.
Khore gossips, 'To be paid as Tel sees fit.'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'well, that's a nice reasonable number :)'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'When you say wit'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'you are generous, Lord. As you wish. Honor to Serve.'.

Khore gossips, 'If Katrana is willing, I choose her as my champion.'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'you mean completely biased questions set up so that Humans can look smart right?'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'GO Katrana!!!!'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'if a chicken and a half, can lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half.'.

Katrana gossips (in common), '*raise*'.

Aslan ftells, '*purr*'.
Katrana ftells, 'oh dear'.

Kerriariadne gossips, 'uh oh'.

Khore gossips, 'What say you, Gnome, lowest of the races, will you prove that height is not necesarily closeness to heaven?'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'DragonBane, I will put up with your insults to humanity, but I will not put up with insults to my honor and judgement.'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'then how long would it take a grasshoppe with a wooden peg leg to kick the seeds out of a wattermellon'.

### Eamon killed by Ripper at West-Northern Avenue

Katrana gossips (in common), 'Yes, I will'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'heheh'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'wattermellon?'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'twice as much as Half Wobblebottom'.

Grale gossips (in common), 'Woo hoo! go Katrana!'.

Khore gossips, 'Khorespeed your short stubby legs to victory then.'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'well that was close.. I am in the middle of a fight..'.

Tel arrives on a gentle breeze, riding upon Elysium.
Tel smiles happily.

Khore gossips, 'Elves, by any means you wish, you may designate your own contestant.'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'oh...then that makes it better'.

Keller gossips (in common), '*nod* once the other business of Court has been finished, we will discuss the terms of the contest.'.
Keller gossips (in common), 'with the elves chosen champion and Goodwife Katrana.'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'you got the idea any way *smirk*'.

Traume gossips (in common), '*nod**'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'but I did notice you didn't answer the question..'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), ':)'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'What question was that?'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'I just saw that word....hit me......:)'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'so it's katrana vs some elf for the gold?'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'if a chicken and a half, can lay an egg and a half, in a day and a half.'.

Khore gossips, 'That's correct.'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'then how long would it take a grasshoppe with a wooden peg leg to kick the seeds out of a wattermellon'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'Court will be beginning in 5 minutes, for those who wish to attend.'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'go katrana!'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'oops forgot to fix the spelling'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'sigh'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'the answer is Twice as much as Half'.
DragonBane gossips (in common), 'the answer is Twice as much as Half the time that is'.

Katrana arrives from the south.

Khore gossips, 'Keller, I will deposit the 125,000 into your good keeping.'.

Katrana curtseys gracefully.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'NOPE!!'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'very well.'.

Radagast bows before Katrana.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'The answer then Wobblebottom?'.

Wobblebottom gossips (in common), 'the answer is YES!!'.

Khore gossips, 'I am insuring it for its full value.'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Khore gossips, 'If it should be lost to violent means, the winners will still have their payment.'.
Khore gossips, 'Don't fall on a knife though.'.
Khore gossips, 'Or it'll come from your own hide.'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'I would not seek to cheat the gods, Lord.'.

Traume gossips (in common), 'no pushing either heheheh'.

Thargor questions (in common), 'where is the tmeple of Implementors?'.

Khore walks up from behind you. That slight prickling feeling on your neck was probably nothing...

Pol gossips (in common), 'if a train leaves Chicago going 75mph heading west, and another train leaves New York going 90mph heading west...'.
Pol gossips (in common), '....who played shortstop for the 1974 Chicago Cubs?'.

Khore gives Keller some gold.

Tel beams a smile at Khore.

Radagast bows before Khore.

Katrana curtseys gracefully to Khore.

Khore bows deeply.

Radagast bows before Tel.

Keller bows deeply.
Keller bows before Tel.

Keller says (in common), 'Honor to Serve'.

Khore utters the words, 'bless'.
Khore steps backwards and melts into the shadows.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Uhh No?'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'Ivan DeJesus....quite right....'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Those questions make no sense...'.

Khore gossips, 'Good luck to the contestants.'.
Khore gossips, 'And good day.'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'well done've proven yourself and your race yet again :)'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Oh the second Train should have been heading east'.

Keller says (in common), 'small turnout....'.

Radagast gossips (in common), 'Farewel lord Khore'.

Khore gossips, 'This vampire has many miles to walk before someone else sleeps. :)'.

Traume gossips (in common), '*bow* Khore'.
DragonBane gossips (in common), ':)'.
Grale gossips (in common), 'Bow Khore'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'the Temple of the Implementors is the temple of Midgaard.'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Thought it was Vampyre?'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'so named for the statues within.'.

Keller says (in common), 'when the elves tell me their champion, I'll explain the terms of the contest, M'lady.'.
Keller says (in common), 'after we finish lesser business.'.

Khore gossips, 'Merely a figure of speech.'.

Katrana nods.
Katrana curtseys gracefully.

Twelf arrives from the south.
Twelf bows deeply.

Katrana curtseys gracefully to Twelf.

Keller nods.
Keller rests.

Thargor questions (in common), 'Ahh.. I'll try to get there.. How do Ogres get there if they are not welcome in Midgaard? (I'm half elf so it doesnt matter)'.

Pol arrives from the south.
Pol bows deeply.

Katrana beams a smile at Pol.
Pol beams a smile at Katrana.

DragonBane arrives from the south.

Radagast rests.

Keller gossips (in common), 'go to close to the gate, before the guards, and let me know you wish to attend.'.

DragonBane smiles happily.

Keller gossips (in common), 'I will summon you.'.

DragonBane says (in common), 'this should be interesting'.
DragonBane rests.

Solaron answers (in common), 'Ogres eat the heads of their enemies, forcing their enemy cityguards to waver in their hatred.'.
Solaron answers (in common), 'And we walk through the gates.'.

Katrana smirks.

Keller gossips (in common), 'anybody else, then? If not, I intend to begin.'.

Thargor arrives from the south.
Thargor bows deeply.

Pol beams a smile at Thargor.

Twelf rests.

Katrana curtseys gracefully to Thargor.

Legolas gossips (in elven), 'Elven Power!'.

Pol yells (in common), 'hear ye! hear ye! hear ye!'.

Lania gossips (in elven), 'Elven Power'.
DragonBane shouts (in elven), 'ELVEN POWER!!!'.

Atilla shouts (in ogre), 'wha'.

DragonBane quaffs a clear red potion.
DragonBane invokes recall magic.
DragonBane disappears.

Ripper gossips (in common), 'Elven Power!'.

The cityguard yells (in common), 'Your kind is not welcomed here, Elf!'.

Khellendros shouts (in common), 'ELVEN POWER!'.

Pol yells (in common), 'the court of Borea is now in session, by the grace of his lordship Keller, Regent of Borea.'.

Legolas gossips (in elven), 'Hail the elven marksman!'.

Atilla shouts (in common), 'wha?'.
Atilla shouts (in common), ':)'.
Atilla shouts (in common), 'wait no i cant shout that'.

Keller nods in recognition to Pol.
Keller says (in common), 'Tel's Blessing on all of you, and welcome.'.

Pol yells (in common), 'let all with grievances or commendments come forth to be heard.'.

Thargor gossips (in common), '*kneel* (just realized there is no social for that)'.

Atilla shouts (in common), 'aaaaaaaaaaah ogre power!!!'.
Atilla shouts (in common), 'atilla da killa aaaaaaaaah'.

Kay says (in common), 'oops...sorry'.
Kay curtseys gracefully to Tel.

Tel beams a smile at Kay.

Keller says (in common), 'is there any who wish to approach the throne, and make pronoucement?'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'very well then :) Are there any who have questions, problems, or concerns they wish to bring up before the Throne and People of Borea?'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'come forth and be heard, good Thargor'.

Kay says (in common), 'umm...someone killed the mayor.'.

Twelf looks at Thargor.

Keller says (in common), 'I see...'.
Keller frowns.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'back! :)'.

Keller says (in common), 'and you are hereby locked in the city?'.

Kay says (in common), 'well...east gate is locked anyway'.

Keller nods.
Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

Twelf says (in common), 'the west gate got picked by dragon.. ermm dragonbane i think'.

Keller says (in common), 'this is a problem, I agree...crass treatment of civil servants is an evil thing...'.
Keller says (in common), 'Let it be known that should the gates to the city need to be picked, that those who volunteer and let it be known to us that they will aid those in need..'.
Keller says (in common), 'will gain 1000 pieces of gold per time they aid in this regard, from our purse.'.
Keller says (in common), 'as for your current situation, Kay, Pol will help you with the gate.'.

The cityguard yells (in common), 'Your kind is not welcomed here, Elf!'.
The cityguard yells (in common), 'Your kind is not welcomed here, Elf!'.
The cityguard yells (in common), 'Your kind is not welcomed here, Elf!'.

Pol nods.

Legolas gossips (in elven), 'Someone save me! i'm in the geek spot'.

37 players.
Dwa [ Sh:19 ] Eamon just talks to her hand!
Min [ Sh:28 Wa:29 ] Volkov Del'Roh, Warlock of the Black Conclave
Elf [ Cl:18 Wa:15 ] Skie Harmnock, Weaver of Souls. Third Libra. WARD
Elf [ Th:19 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Sicarian. {WarD}
Dwa [ Cl: 8 ] Brega Dreams about Mayhem
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Abe Stormreaver: Sentry to the Chosen of Fate
Elf [ High Templar ] Tassadar, Professor of Wisdom. {CoE}
Elf [ Samurai ELF ] Kay The only japanese elf of the Tel'Quessir
Hum [ Wa: 1 ] Xentanix the Boy
Gno [ Sh:24 ] Zane follows his ambitions as a rider -Thug Life-
Elf [ Ma:13 ] Khellendros, The Black Wizard of Death. <(*Mayhem*)>
Gno [ Cl:29 Wa:28 ] Melisa cinnamon, sugar and softly spoken lies
Hum [ Lesser God ] Tel: Harbinger of the Golden Flame
Hel [ Ra:12 ] Thargor is worn from travelling
Hlf [ Wyrm's Handmaiden ] Aslan Tsarran-Napei, Oathed maiden of Fate
Ogr [ Sh:20 Wa:15 ] Melkor, *Neysha's Pet* Dark Beast
Elf [ Ra:15 Ma:15 ] Neodis, the Philosophizing Coven Cook.
Hel [ Th:20 Ma:20 ] Pol Irish! *Tel*
Elf [ Cl:19 Wa:15 ] Lania Athsien-Goldleaf, Demiurge of the WarDancers
Hum [ Ma: 5 ] Wobblebottom I weeble and I wobble but I don't fall down!!
Elf [ Th:18 Ra:23 Ma:20 ] Ripper. {Tiger Marksman} *Tara*
Ogr [ Wa:23 ] Neysha Keeper of the Dark Beast **Melkor**
Elf [ Cl:24 Ra:15 ] Roen. Just an elf... Tel'Quessir
Elf [ Th:10 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] DragonBane Feyrbrand, Lost Wanderer of the Tel'Quessir
Hum [ Wa:25 Cl:25 ] Keller: Duke and Regent of Borea.
Dwa [ Demigod ] Athorne The hammer of Righteousness
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir, Fate's Weaver, Ebon Bard *Stormreaver*
Elf [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Solaron. Ogre. Blade. Katrana. -Fate- (P)
Gno [ Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Katrana: Pinking Bladed Huntress of Fate *Solaron*
Hel [ Wa:13 Ma:15 ] Radagast, The Brown: Warlock of the woods -Passion-
Hel [ Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Grale, Astral Guide of Wisdom
Dwa [ Sh: 4 ] Rydell the Dwarf
Hel [ Wa: 4 Ma: 9 ] Twelf is one greater than elf
Elf [ Demigod ] Kerriariadne Bala'Bandienne, Lord of the Dark
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:25 Ma:30 ] Mael. [Coven]
Dwa [ Saint ] Wylin gets his Wisdom from a can.. (of Bud)
Elf [ Ma:25 Ra:30 Th:20 ] Legolas, Elfiest Elvenly Elffy Elf - Tel'Quessir

Keller says (in common), 'anything else?'.

Pol stands up.
Pol leaves south.

Keller smiles happily.
Keller says (in common), 'excellent...'.
Keller says (in common), 'I have two statements to make...when Pol returns.'.

Keller says (in common), 'It in my intent, upon reflection, to make Anonymous, our knight, Earl of Midgaard and its environs. What say ye to this?'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'How does this affect those who live in Midgaard?'.

Keller says (in common), 'They would be under his protection, of course, as those who live in Borea are under mine.'.
Keller says (in common), 'those who pay taxes would have benefit of the tax system, and he would be there to address their grievances.'.
Keller says (in common), 'he would act as our representative to Midgaard and it's environs.'.

Tel says, 'For my part, Keller, I'd not have made you Regent to see over these matters had I not trusted your opinion.'.

Solaron arrives from the south.
Solaron bows before Keller.
Solaron bows before Tel.

Keller stands up.

Grale says (in common), 'I cannot cast a vote here, and I do not live in Borea, but if I may...'.

Tel nods in recognition to Solaron.

Keller nods.

Grale says (in common), 'Anonymous has always proven himself to be an honorable and charitable fellow to me'.

Grale says (in common), 'And while my status here is as a guest, I would applaud such and appointment'.

Pol arrives from the south.

Grale bows before Keller.

Legolas cants, 'old and wise'.

Pol bows deeply.

Tel smiles happily.

Pol smiles happily.

who pol
1 player.
Hel [ Ma:20 Th:20 ] Pol Irish! *Tel*

Keller says (in common), 'then it will be so. When he is next on, we will make him our Earl of Midgaard, with due ceremony.'.

Radagast smiles happily.

Grale says (in common), 'Hear hear!'.

Keller says (in common), 'Also, we choose to make Pol half-elven our Court Mage, to serve the Court and People as we do. What say ye to this?'.

Twelf says (in common), 'YEAH!'.

Thargor says (in common), 'Long live Pol :)'.

Pol bows deeply.

Tel smiles happily.

Katrana smiles happily.

Tel says, 'Keller, in this I must take hand.'.

Keller bows before Tel.
Pol bows before Tel.

Keller says (in common), 'your will, M'lord.'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Are all of the ranked nobility to come from the ranks of the Passionate, then?'.
Solaron smiles happily.
Solaron is idly wondering.

Tel says, 'Pol has served me well and faithfully over the years, his spirit and conviction are shining examples to all those in the realm.'.

Pol blushes.

Tel says, 'It is thus my wish, and my decree that my holy blessing be upon this appointment.'.

Keller says (in common), 'Your Will be done, M'lord.'.

Pol bows before Tel.
Pol says (in common), 'your will be done, Lord Tel.'.

Tel says, 'And in my sight, Pol, the Half-Elven, be one of my messengers within this realm, extending my Authority to those who would heed our words of warning.'.

### Pol has advanced to level 1.
1 player.
Hel [ Holy Advocate ] Pol Irish! *Tel*

Grale gossips (in common), 'Congratulations Pol!!'.

Pol bows before Tel.

Solaron sits down and thinks deeply.

Pol bows before Keller.
Pol bows deeply.

Solaron bows deeply.
Solaron leaves south.

Tel gossips, 'Congratulations, Pol, Court Mage of Borea!'.

Grale enthusiastically cheers Pol to victory.

You say, 'Congratulations, Pol, on your Ascension into Ordainment.'.

Twelf is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Katrana beams a smile at Pol.

Twelf says (in common), 'congratz'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'thank you all :)'.


Legolas gossips (in elven), 'truly an amazing half-elf'.

Thargor says (in common), 'haiol! hail!'.

Pol gossips (in common), '*bow* Many thanks :)'.

Katrana showers Pol with confetti!
Katrana smiles happily.

Legolas gossips (in elven), 'log it, i'll never say again'.

Keller says (in common), 'now, to answer your question, Solaron..'.
Keller says (in common), 'no.'.

Pol gossips (in common), 'thank you, Legolas :)'.

Legolas gossips (in elven), 'congratz :>'.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'Quotable Quotes anyone?'.

Pol bows before Tel.

Tel smiles happily.

Keller says (in common), 'However, nobody has been willing to accept the strictures of the Knights of the Golden Flame save the Passionate.'.

Tel says, 'Pray continue Keller.'.

Keller says (in common), 'and it is from the Knights that nobility stems.'.

Pol says (in common), 'May I serve your will and the realm, m'lord.'.

Tel says, 'I have no doubt you shall.'.

Katrana smiles happily.

Keller says (in common), 'does that answer your question?'.
Keller says (in common), 'now...unless there are any who wish to address the Court...'.
Keller says (in common), 'there is the matter of Khore's Request.'.

Katrana nods.

Twelf says (in common), 'bring them in!'.

Keller says (in common), 'who is to be Champion of the Elvish peoples?'.

Pol grins happily.

You hear the soft sound of crickets chirping.

Katrana giggles Wyldly.

who race elf
15 players.
Elf [ Cl:21 ] Dezmond Lin, Black Seraph of The Ashen Moon.
Elf [ Wa:23 Cl:26 ] Blacky Noir, L'Elf -La Pacte des Loups- [Coven]
Elf [ Ma: 5 ] Faelar the Elf
Elf [ Attendant ] Zarous, Fun Inc. -mostly afk- -fate-
Elf [ Th:19 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Sicarian. {WarD}
Elf [ High Templar ] Tassadar, Professor of Wisdom. {CoE}
Elf [ Samurai ELF ] Kay The only japanese elf of the Tel'Quessir
Elf [ Ra:15 Ma:15 ] Neodis, the Philosophizing Coven Cook.
Elf [ Cl:19 Wa:15 ] Lania Athsien-Goldleaf, Demiurge of the WarDancers
Elf [ Th:18 Ra:23 Ma:20 ] Ripper. {Tiger Marksman} *Tara*
Elf [ Cl:24 Ra:15 ] Roen. Just an elf... Tel'Quessir
Elf [ Th:10 Ma:15 Ra:12 ] DragonBane Feyrbrand, Lost Wanderer of the Tel'Quessir
Elf [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Solaron. Ogre. Blade. Katrana. -Fate- (P)
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:25 Ma:30 ] Mael. [Coven]
Elf [ Ma:25 Ra:30 Th:20 ] Legolas, Elfiest Elvenly Elffy Elf - Tel'Quessir

Tel smirks.

Keller says (in common), 'no elf is willing to take up the challenge of the Lord Vampyric?'.

Katrana says (in common), 'I think I scared them...'.
Katrana blushes.

Radagast laughs.
Radagast says (in common), 'I don't blame them for being scared ;)'.
Radagast hides.

Solaron arrives from the south.

Keller says (in common), 'well then, I'll have to extend the offer.'.

Katrana smiles happily.
Katrana nods.

Keller gossips (in common), 'No elf seems to be willing to take up the challenge of the Lord Vampyric. Is this true?'.

Thargor says (in common), 'Which challenge is that?'.

Katrana looks at Thargor.

Thargor says (in common), 'oops, if I may be permitted to ask..'.

Mael gossips (in common), 'what challenge again?'.

Keller says (in common), 'to battle in a challenge of wits...'.

Mael cants, 'doh I'm not supposed to talk, stopping'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'The Lord Vampyric wishes the Elven peoples to choose a champion for a battle of wits...'.

Thargor says (in common), 'and the caonsequences of being bested in this challenge?'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'against Goodwife Katrana, with the prize being 100000 gold coins.'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'whos the elf?'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'I'll await the Elves Champion in the Temple of the Implementors, in Midgaard. If one does not appear in 10 minutes, I will decide in favor of Katrana.'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'I nominate Tassadar'.

Rath gossips (in common), 'wait a minute,elf champion?'.

Scelus arrives from the south.

Grale gossips (in common), 'That was the challenge from Lord Khore, yes'.

Myronides gossips, 'Elven Power!'.
Legolas gossips (in elven), 'Elven Power!'.
Lania gossips (in elven), 'Elven Power!'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'I do not care who is the Elvish champion is. Only that they arrive as such within the next 10 minutes.'.

Faelar gossips (in common), 'Elven Power!'.

Rath gossips (in common), 'who's the human champion?'.

Myronides appears in a gust of wind and a flash of fire.

DragonBane gossips (in common), 'ELVEN POWER!'.

Myronides says, 'Bring it!'.

Katrana laughs.

Thargor gossips (in common), 'what are the consequences of failure? Isnt Khore a vampire to rip some ones soul and leave me undead?'.

Tel beams a smile at Myronides.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'ohhh.. pick me.. elves!'.

Katrana throws back her head and cackles with insane glee!

Zarous steps out of thin air.

Legolas gossips (in common), 'gnome, rath, gnome'.

Pol bows before Zarous.
Pol bows before Myronides.

You say, 'are you naming yourself the elven champion, Myronides?'.

Rath gossips (in common), 'whaaaaaaaaaaaat'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'there is no human champion. Khore chose Katrana as his proxy in this matter.'.

Myronides says, 'well I am God of the Elves'.

Rath gossips (in common), 'hmmph, seems like rigging the fight to me'.

Grale gossips (in common), 'No human champion, simply a NON-elven champion'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'in my responsibility as Regent, I have been asked to arbitrate.'.
Keller gossips (in common), 'so I am doing so.'.

Myronides sits down and thinks deeply.

You say, 'is that a yes or a no?'.

Myronides says, 'but theoretically Izzy would have to be the champion'.

Keller says (in common), 'your champion has 8 minutes, Lord of the Elves.'.
Keller says (in common), 'whosoever it may be.'.

Abe arrives from the south.
Abe leaves south.

Myronides says, 'Abe will fill in'.

Wylin arrives from the south.
Wylin rests.

Tassadar arrives from the south.
Tassadar rests.

### [Neodis says (in elven), 'How can I answer that without offedning you?']

Katrana laughs.

You say, 'Abe is not an Elf.'.
You say, 'The champion must be an Elf.'.

Zarous says, 'wabblebottom'.

Keller shakes his head.

Wylin says (in common), 'the elves must pick thier champion I thought'.

Thargor gossips (in common), 'No half-elfs?'.

Keller says (in common), 'the elves must choose a champion...the champion must not be an elf..'.
Keller says (in common), 'however...'.

Myronides says, 'Abe it is!'.

Keller says (in common), 'it does beg the question of why the elves would choose a non-elf, if they are indeed superior.'.

You say, 'If you can get him to agree to it, fine.'.

Zarous says, 'do i get to be the champion?'.

You say, 'But YOU must do the convincing, Myronides.'.

Myronides says, 'well izzy isn't here. And Abe sortof hero-worshipps me'.

Keller says (in common), 'surely they do not hide behind the 'lesser' races?'.

Wylin says (in common), 'I thought the elves champion could be elven or not elven.. didn't matter so long as the elves picked'.

Rath arrives from the south.
Rath scowls.
Rath says (in common), 'elves'.

Icarus shouts (in common), 'elf'.

Keller says (in common), 'you have 6 minutes, Lord of the Elves.'.

Abe arrives from the south.

Myronides grins mischievously at Abe.

Wylin says (in common), 'did khore say it had to be a mortal the elves picked?'.
Wylin nods in recognition to Myronides.

Abe says (in common), 'Lemme get this straight...'.

Zarous struts proudly.

Keller says (in common), 'no, Wylin, he did not.'.

Katrana says (in common), 'he said an elven champion'.

Zarous says, 'we pick eleven elven champions'.

Wylin says (in common), 'well, if I were an elf I'd pick myro'.

Tassadar rests.

Keller shakes his head.

Myronides says, 'heh well it would be eas to death you, but I"m not sure I can'.
Myronides snickers softly.

Rath says (in common), 'you probably do need eleven'.
Rath says (in common), 'stack em on top of each other..'.

Abe says (in common), 'I, a rather generic human, get to be an elf champion for an undetermined assignment.'.

Keller says (in common), 'that was not his will in the matter. '.

Myronides nods in recognition to Abe.

Keller says (in common), 'one champion on each side.'.

Myronides says, 'bingo'.

Katrana raises an eyebrow.

Rath says (in common), 'aw...Abe's a pointy ear lover'.

The mayor yells (in common), 'I hereby declare the city of Midgaard closed!'.

Radagast bows deeply.
Radagast leaves south.

Rath says (in common), 'ain't that cute'.

Katrana says (in common), 'So let me get this straight, you can't get an elf to do the job, you have to get a human?'.
Katrana raises an eyebrow.

Solaron says (in common), 'No elf is qualified.'.

Keller says (in common), 'Rath, I ask that you respect those attending. I realise you are not likely to, but I will still ask.'.

Abe says (in common), 'Who am I against in this little contest?'.

Katrana points proudly at herself.

Abe nods.

Katrana grins Wyldly.
Katrana giggles.

Keller says (in common), 'katrana, in a battle of wits.'.

Wylin says (in common), 'the elves picked abe?'.

Zarous says, 'you need a publisher for that novel Rath?'.

Myronides groans loudly.

Katrana says (in common), 'Yes, they did because they don't have a qualified applicant'.

Abe says (in common), 'Sounds like a plan. Where do I go to die?'.

Katrana shrugs.

Keller says (in common), 'you have 5 minutes, Lord of the Elves. is Abe to be your choice?'.

Wylin says (in common), 'tassadar?'.
Tassadar shakes his head.

Legolas cants, 'no pressure'.

Tassadar points at Abe accusingly.

Myronides says, 'I don't know if it's a battle of wits this might not be bright'.
Myronides snickers softly.

Rath rolls her eyes.

Rath says (in common), 'Abe isn't an elf'.

Myronides snickers with Abe about their shared secret.

You say, 'Nice bazoombas, Rath.'.

Katrana laughs.

Abe says (in common), 'I have a natural int of 8. You might wanna think carefully.'.

Myronides nods in recognition to Abe.

Zarous says, 'thats how we talked you into it'.

Solaron says (in common), 'He's just now learned to speak beyond grunts and whistles.'.

Myronides says, 'that high huh?'.

Wylin says (in common), 'zarous is an elf'.

Abe says (in common), 'Then I'm game.'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'very well. Abe is the Elvish Champion.'.

Abe says (in common), 'Does Khore eat me here, or somplace fun?'.

Rath rolls her eyes.

Myronides snickers softly.
Myronides disappears into a watery portal in the earth.

Keller shakes his head ruefully.
Katrana shakes her head in disbelief.

Rath says (in common), 'what kind of arbitrator allows a human to be an elvish champion'.

Solaron smirks.

Keller says (in common), 'all right.'.

Solaron says (in common), 'What kind of elf chooses a non-elf to be their champion.. that's my question.'.

Katrana smirks.

Keller says (in common), 'I will ask 3 riddles to both contestants.'.

Tassadar stands up.
Tassadar throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Tassadar leaves south.
Wylin leaves south.

Zarous says, 'the kind that prefers to not get scared up'.

Keller says (in common), 'the one who answers the majority of them correctly will win, and thereby get the prize.'.

Zarous says, 'oh great. i knew that 8 int would be a problem'.

Abe sits here, making a mess.

Katrana laughs.

Keller says (in common), 'if none of them are answered correctly, you will forfeit, and the money will be returned to the Lord Vampyric.'.
Keller says (in common), 'any questions?'.

Katrana shakes her head.

Abe says (in common), 'Go ahead.'.

Keller nods.

Abe says (in common), 'Can I use my Big Chief pad?'.

Keller says (in common), 'give me a moment to prepare.'.

Abe nods.

Keller says (in common), 'I will tell you when the riddle is done.'.

Keller says (in common), 'A moth ate words - a marvellous event'.

Zarous says, 'whens the questions?'.

Athorne is standing before you.

Keller says (in common), 'I thought it when I heard about that wonder,'.
Keller says (in common), 'A worm had swallowed some man's lay, a thief '.
Keller says (in common), 'In darkness had consumed the mighty saying'.
Keller says (in common), 'With its foundation firm. The thief was not'.
Keller says (in common), 'One whit the wiser when he ate those words.'.

Keller says (in common), 'you will have 5 minutes to puzzle out a solution.'.

Abe says (in common), 'Bookworm?'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'correct.'.

Keller says (in common), 'M'lady Katrana, your turn.'.

Katrana nods.

Katrana listens.

Keller says (in common), 'Swallow the wind puffed out from some man's breast -'.
Keller says (in common), 'Sometimes I summon by my proclamation'.
Keller says (in common), 'Proud men to wine -- sometimes my voice must rescue'.
Keller says (in common), 'The stolen property from enemies,'.
Keller says (in common), 'Put foes to flight. now find out what I am.'.

Keller says (in common), 'you have 5 minutes, M'lady.'.

Keller says (in common), 'two minutes remaining, M'lady.'.

Katrana says (in common), 'a horn'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'correct :)'.

Tel smiles happily.

Katrana smiles happily.

Keller says (in common), 'the next question is for Abe.'.

Abe nods.

Keller smiles wryly...
Keller says (in common), 'the elvish champion...'.
Keller chuckles, evidently amused.

Katrana smirks.

Rath says (in common), 'kudos to the moderator for allowing such a circus'.

Keller shrugs.
Keller says (in common), 'I am impartial within the bounds of the contest.'.

Rath mockingly bows before Keller.

Keller says (in common), 'if the elves choose a non-elvish champion, it is their choice.'.

Rath stands up.

Tel says, 'Lord Khore never prohibited the Elvish Champion from being non-elven.'.

Keller says (in common), 'now, the question.'.

Tel says, 'It reflects poorly on the "Superiority" of the elves, I would say, however.'.

Keller says (in common), 'Me in those days my father and my mother'.

Pol nods in recognition to Tel.
Pol says (in common), 'indeed, M'lord'.

Katrana nods.

Rath says (in common), 'it shouldn't need to be said that since a majority of elves put down humans, they should not be represented by one :P'.

Keller says (in common), 'Gave up as dead - I had as yet no life,'.
Keller says (in common), 'No spirit. Then a loyal kinswoman'.
Keller says (in common), 'Wrapped me in clothes and kept and cherished me,'.
Keller says (in common), 'Enfolded me in a protective cloak,'.
Keller says (in common), 'As kindly as she did for her own children,'.
Keller says (in common), 'Until, as was my nature, in her care'.
Keller says (in common), 'I became mighty-hearted among those'.
Keller says (in common), 'Who were no kin of mine. Yet my protectress'.
Keller says (in common), 'Still nourished me till I grew up and might'.
Keller says (in common), 'More widely travel. She by doing that'.
Keller says (in common), 'Had less dear sons and daughters of her own.'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'you have 5 minutes.'.

Abe says (in common), 'Cuckoo'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'correct'.

Keller says (in common), 'now your turn, M'lady.'.

Keller says (in common), 'My dress is silent when I tread the ground'.
Keller says (in common), 'Or stay at home or stire upon the waters.'.
Keller says (in common), 'Sometimes My trappings and the lofty air'.
Keller says (in common), 'Raise me above the dwelling-place of men,'.
Keller says (in common), 'And then the power of clouds carries me far'.
Keller says (in common), 'Above the people - and my ornaments'.
Keller says (in common), 'Loudly resound, send forth a melody'.
Keller says (in common), 'and clearly sing, when I am not in touch'.
Keller says (in common), 'with earth or water, but a flying spirit.'.

Keller says (in common), 'you have 5 minutes :)'.

Katrana disappears into the void.

Keller frowns.
Keller says (in common), 'that doesn't bode well for Khore...'.

Katrana has returned from the void.
Katrana says (in common), 'a swan'.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'correct'.

Katrana smiles happily.

Keller says (in common), 'I never was, am always to be,'.
Keller says (in common), 'no one ever saw me, nor ever will'.
Keller says (in common), 'and yet I am the confident of all'.
Keller says (in common), 'forgive me...confidence...'.
Keller says (in common), 'of all who dwell on this terrestrial ball'.

Keller says (in common), 'you have 5 minutes'.

Abe says (in common), 'Tomorrow'.

Solaron nods.

Keller nods.
Keller says (in common), 'correct.'.

Keller says (in common), 'ok...last one.'.

Katrana nods.

Keller says (in common), 'at night they come without being fetched'.
Keller says (in common), 'and at night they are lost without being stolen'.

Keller says (in common), 'that's all :) 5 minutes'.

Katrana says (in common), 'the stars'.

Keller says (in common), 'correct'.
Keller says (in common), 'very well, it's a tie :)'.
Keller says (in common), 'now, I can either split the prize between you, or we can do puns as a tiebreaker.'.
Keller says (in common), 'it is your choice.'.

Katrana laughs.

Abe says (in common), 'Puns? My very existence is a pun. I win.'.

Keller shakes his head.

Abe sits down and thinks deeply.

Solaron says (in common), 'No, that's an oxymoron, Abe.'.

Keller says (in common), 'the rules of such a contest would be this...'.

Solaron says (in common), 'Not a pun.'.

Katrana raises an eyebrow.

Keller says (in common), 'I would pick a topic.'.
Keller says (in common), 'then you would each have to make puns germane to the theme of the topic...'.

Abe says (in common), '70s top 40 music trivia'.

Keller says (in common), 'the person who first failed would then lose.'.

Abe says (in common), 'Wonderful. Something I suck royally at.'.
Abe says (in common), 'I'll leave it up to the lady'.

Keller says (in common), 'you can choose to split the prize as it stands, or we can continue.'.

Abe bows before Katrana.

Katrana says (in common), 'As the greater race, I will be humble enough to allow the elven champion the winnings, I don't need material to know my worth'.

Keller shakes his head.

Katrana winks suggestively.

Keller says (in common), 'unfortunately, M'lady, the Lord Vampyric was clear on this, and I am merely acting as his arbiter, with limited discresion.'.

Katrana says (in common), 'Very well then, we can split the winnings'.

Keller says (in common), 'as such, if you don't choose to continue the contest...I will split the winnings. After which they are yours to dispose of as you wish :)'.

Keller gives Katrana some gold.

Keller gives Abe some gold.

Abe thanks Keller heartily.

Keller gives Pol some gold.

Keller says (in common), 'thank you for attending our court. the next will be in Loth Llorien :)'.
Keller says (in common), 'Tel's blessings on all of oyu.'.

Abe thanks Keller heartily.
Katrana curtseys gracefully.

Tel tells you, '*nod*'.

Keller says (in common), 'and all of you even :)'.

Abe tips his hat.(tm)

Katrana gives Solaron some gold.

Katrana waves happily.

Pol waves goodbye to Tel.

Tel has left the game.

Pol smiles happily.
Pol leaves south.

Keller gossips (in common), 'For those who are concerned, the Riddling Contest ended in a tie...'.
Keller gossips (in common), 'as such, since neither party wished to continue to a battle of puns, the prize was split.'.

Kerriariadne gossips, 'Puns are a small part of wit. The contest should continue.'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'I will inform the Lord Vampyric of the result and my decision in this matter.'.

Solaron kisses Katrana.

Legolas gossips (in common), 'the elf champion was?'.

Solaron leaves south.

Keller gossips (in common), 'oh, the puns were to be a tiebreaker...riddles were the original contest.'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'next I was going to have Pol judge witty banter, but they chose to end it.'.

Katrana gossips (in common), 'A human...that was their declared champion, which makes me wonder about the superiority you all talk about'.
Katrana curtseys gracefully to Keller.

Keller bows deeply.

Katrana says (in common), 'Good day Keller'.

Keller kisses Katrana's hand. How continental!

Katrana smiles happily.
Katrana leaves south.

Keller says (in common), 'Tel's blessings, M'lady.'.

(end log)

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