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Keller: I won't be able to help people for the foreseeable future.

Fri Aug 16 06:15:44 2002
To: all

I apologize, but I'm going to be unable to hand out equipment, spells, or food for the forseeable future, as through a combination of poor luck on my part, more damage equipment worn on his, and the vaugeries of the internet, Malakost succeeded in killing me. As such, I need to spend some time gathering myself some more equipment, before I have the luxary of handing more out.

Also, from a personal standpoint I'm feeling less than inclined to cure or give advice to members of the dark, at least until such time as I am able to help newbies again.

I apologize for any inconvienance this causes newbies or people who had come to rely on my help. Hopefully I'll have new equipment relatively quickly and be back to my present duties.

I'd also like to assure members of the dark that they do not have to worry about me or members of my following bushwacking them in response for this. That just tends to lead to more and more violence. The person who killed me will have cause for concern in the fullness of time. Unless you follow his example, you will not.

I apologize for the length and scattershot nature of this note, but I felt that people deserved an explanation for what will be a change in my behaviour, and I'd rather state it as it is, rather than do it 20 or 30 times and have it go through as many permutations.

Malakost: Keller
Fri Aug 16 13:02:46 2002
To: all
Keller, I must admit, i am somewhat surprised that you'd go as far as to whine to the entire realm about dying. But you need to understand something. Nobody cares...least of all the Dark. You Keller, were slain due to the constant movement of your jaw. In time, you'll be ground into the sands of the realm, and at that time, you'll realize that running your jaw only gets you killed.

Until that time comes, rest nakedly in the hell you so stupidly create.

Malakost, Wicked Soldier of Darkness

P.S. The Dark has never, nor will it ever need help from the likes of you, so do not threaten with which you do not have.

Keller: To Malakost, with regards.
Fri Aug 16 16:14:56 2002
To: all

I apologize if my words offend you, or you consider them whining. As far as dying goes, I could care less. What I was more concerned about is that people would not understand why I couldn't drop everything to help them, and that members of your following might be concerned that I would act in accordance with the general mode of operations here and attack them in retaliation for your actions. With both concerns clarified, I considered the matter closed and it time to get more equipment and move on. If my words are the reason
why you attacked me, then perhaps you'd like to tell me what in said words you find offensive? Is it that you feel you can't argue against the ideas I present? Resorting to violence as a result of something said strikes me as indicative of an inability to wage combat on the field that annoys you.

As for your faith not requiring my aid, the next time one of them is dying of plague in front of me or requests my advice, I will be sure to direct them to you. I'm sure that your grinding into dust technique will prove quite useful against the plague, and that your acerbic tone will no doubt spur them to greater xp gains.

If you have any further commentary, might I suggest we pick and time and place to discuss your concerns? I assume, of course, that you would be amenable if your concerns have not been met.

Kindest Personal Regards,
Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, by the Grace of Tel Duke and Regent of Borea.

Malakost: Final say
Fri Aug 16 20:53:36 2002
To: all
Due to my not wanting to start a string of notes not consisting to the rest of the realm on a public board, i think i'll refrain from grinding you into the dust publically Keller, but will save a time when i have you face to face.

At the end of the notes.

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