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(located at port 4000)

(this log's from tamar's point of view, and was edited)
Tel gossips, 'Hear Ye, Peoples of the Realm.'.

Tel gossips, 'On this Day, Cearn the 17th, the month of Peaceful Co-existance, and 
let that be an Auspicious sign, the year 2539...'.

Tel gossips, 'I call to gather in my Cathedral, all who would bear witness to the 
Beginning of the Kingdom of Borea.'.

Tel gossips, 'You are all Welcome, if you come in respect.'.

Tel gossips, 'OOC - Send me a tell if you wish to come and can't get in yourself.'.

Tel gossips, 'If any others wish to come, please tell me, we shall begin shortly.'.

who Tel
1 player.
Hum [      Demigod      ] Tel: Harbinger of the Golden Flame

Main Hall of Torkheim Cathedral
[Exits: west]
Entering through the ivory gates of the Cathedral, a crimson carpet stretches
beneath your feet to the far altar. Fluted columns climb to the ceiling far
above, itself a graceful sea of candelabras. Rows of cherry wood pews march
along side the lush carpet, their grain brought out brilliantly by loving
attention. The air is heavy with the scent of the roses that cling artistically
to the columns and accompany them to the heights of the Cathedral. A low,
ethereal, music emanates from all corners of the hall, its peaceful tones 
soothing to the heart and soul. In gleaming stained glass above the altar,
an enormous Phoenix hovers watchfully over a dancing golden flame.
(Blue Aura) A crystaline sculpture of infinite beauty dazzles you.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Snappy is here.
Legolas is here.
(Dark Red Aura) Indiga is here.
(Light Blue Aura) Arby is here.
(Intense Dark Blue Aura) Solanthas is here.
(Dark Cyan Aura) Keller is resting here.
(Intense Dark Cyan Aura) Tel is here.

Tel says, 'Very well, it is time to begin.'.

Tel says, 'OOC - please disable any spell triggers, and don't eat :)'.

Tel says, 'Peoples of the Realm, Mortal and Immortal alike.'.

Tel says, 'I gather you hear to bear witness to the first in several steps engineered 
to bring Order to our Realm.'.

Tel says, 'Dire visions have prompted me to return to this Realm, and establish The 
Order of the Golden Flame, to help lead the people into the harsh future.'.

Tel says, 'To this end, I have decided an Ordered means of governing the land must be 

Tel says, 'In a land such as this, few forms of governance would be effective in keeping 
peace, indeed, I know there will never be complete peace...'.

Tel says, 'At least, not this side of death.'.

Tel says, 'It is for that reason, I am granting to my servant Keller, whose long and 
dedicated service stands as a shining example any Diety could be proud of...'.

Tel says, 'The title of Duke of Borea, and with this title annointing him Regent of the 
Land, until such time as I deem a worthy King has come.'.

who Keller
1 player.
Hum [    Cl:22 Wa:20    ] Keller: waiting for the end of the world.

Tel says, 'Keller, please rise, and grasp the altar, touching your forehead to its top.'.


Someone snickers softly.

Keller has lost his link.

Indiga winces.  Ouch!

Tel winces.  Ouch!

Legolas utters the words, 'dispel lag'

Snappy winces.  Ouch!

Tel says, 'OOC - Technical Difficulties, please stand by :)'.

Keller has reconnected.

Arby smiles happily.

Keller stands up and grasps the altar, placinng his forhead to the top.

Tel says, 'Now, Keller, Wilt thou keep full peace and accord in My Body and Spirit and 
to the people of Borea?'.

Keller says (in common), 'I shall do.'.

Tel says, 'And, shalt thou keep in all these domains which I give thee dominion over 
righteousness and discretion with mercy and truth?'.

Keller says (in common), 'I shall do.'.

Tel says, 'Finally, Keller...'.

Tel says, 'Shalt thou Grant all rightful laws and customs to the people, and wilt thou 
defend and strengthen them against the coming storms?'.

Keller says (in common), 'I shall do.'.

Tel says, 'Then raise thine eyes to look upon mine Knight.'.

Keller raises his head up.

Tel waves his hand above Kellers' forehead, and a sprinkling of Holy Water annoints him.

Tel says, 'I name thee, Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, Duke of Borea, and Regent of the 
Kingdom to be!'.

Keller says (in common), 'Honor to Serve, M'lord.'.

Tel says, 'Those who wish to join in the establishment of the Kingdom shall speak their 
words of fealty to thee...'.

Someone says softly, 'Congratulations, Amberlin...'

Tel says, 'and those you deem worthy of holding property within the Realm.'.

Tel says, 'These shall be the Gentry of the Realm, and may they serve with the Knighthood 
to strengthen the land.'.

Keller nods.

Tel utters the words, 'bless'.

Tel says, 'With my blessing on your new task, I pray you begin it.'.

Keller says (in common), 'Your will be done, M'lord.'.

Tel says, 'Thank you, honored guests, for attending, please remain as long as you wish, to 
speak with Duke D'Augustine, or enjoy the peace of my domain.'.

Keller gossips (in common), 'those of you who are not metal wearers who have inquired about 
Tel's faith, please speak with me at your leisure.'.

Legolas throws confetti in the air! 

Keller sits down and thinks deeply.

Someone winks at Keller.

Someone says, 'Nice job, young Keller D'Augustine.  ...You sure you won't step into the 

Indiga grins evilly.

Tel raises an eyebrow at someone.

Someone winks suggestively.

Kerriariadne says, 'Muha!'.

Keller says (in common), 'I serve Tel.  I have since before you were born :)'.

Kerriariadne says, 'hmph'.

Kerriariadne snickers softly.

Someone hides a soft laugh behind her hand.

Keller says (in common), 'I see no reason to change now.  Thank you for your kind offer, 
but I must decline.'.

Indiga coughs.

Tel grins happily.

Indiga pats Kerriariadne on his back.

Tel bows before you.

Kerriariadne grins evilly.

Kerriariadne bows galantly.

Legolas says (in elven), 'excuse me'.

Legolas makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Legolas slowly fades out of existence.

Kerriariadne stands up.

Tel says, 'Thank you Lady Tamar for your aid in the event.'.

You nod.

Someone curtseys gracefully to Keller.

Someone says, 'Please excuse me, Milord.'.

Keller bows deeply.

Indiga says (in common), 'thank you for allowing me to witness the event'.

Indiga smiles happily.

Tel bows before someone.

You say (in elven), 'Congrats, Keller'.

Tel says, 'My pleasure, Lady Indiga.'.

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