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Keller: M'lady, I recommend myself unto you and offer the following:

Mon Jul 15 03:10:29 2002
To: Cordir , Lady Fate

I was adventuring today, attempting to better myself as M'lord Tel has instructed, when a strange malady gripped me, making me unable to move. During this time, some foul creatures took it upon themselves to slay me, as I was powerless to defend myself. Although, for one brief, shining moment I was able to move again and thus combat them, hoping to gain enough movement to cast myself towards the relative safety of the guild, this ailment struck again at a most inopportune time and freed me only upon their successful reaving of my soul from its mortal bonds. At this point, knowing I could not face them and retrieve what I had lost armed with only my will and a ball of blue light, I endeavored to find aid. Clumsyfool, who I asked first, was willing and came to my aid without hesitation, but the gatekeepers of the land I was in proved wily,attacking in numbers where singly they could be easily defeated. It became apparent to me that I needed someone, like myself, who had finely crafted metal armor, the better to withstand their blows. At this point, I asked Quarnel if he could aid me. To his credit, and without hesitation, he readily accepted, rousting those creatures who had followed our earlier unsuccessful sojourn, and moreover leading us into the veritable lions den, where all my possessions were retrieved safely.

While I have thanked both Clumsyfool and Quarnel already, I felt that you needed to know that in Quarnel you have a follower whose bravery and selflessness are quite rare. I consider myself lucky to know him, and only hope that, should the unthinkable happen, I can return the favor to you and
yours that has been shown me this day.

Written at the breaking of fast in the Great Hall of Torkheim Cathedral this 11 Searynx, Month of Reconciliation, by my hand. I remain, as always,
Keller Amberlin D'Augustine, by the Grace of Tel Duke and Regent of Borea.

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