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Keller: ooc: WarMachine's note, and complaints about randoms in general.

Thu May 23 10:26:04 2002
To: all

Now, I will freely admit that I was gone for a while, but it seems to me that these people who are complaining about the quality of randoms are either wishing for a world where everything they pick up is a +5 superitem, or they've been spoiled by a world in which those items exist. I remember when a +3 item was cause to be very happy, and now it seems that if it's not that, it's not worth wearing. My question then would be that if the powers that be actually take your suggestion to heart and 'improve' randoms, how long would it be before you complained about the improved randoms?

It seems to me that to find a nice magic item should be a rariety. The fact that some players have found a lot of them is a testament to either their skill in playing the game, or their skill in killing people who have skill in playing the game. :) Those people should be rewarded. If you want nice items, spend all day searching for them as I'm sure some of the people who possess them do. But seriously, folks, you don't know when you have it good :)

Keller, who remembers when +2dam bracelets were a big-ticket item.

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