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Katrana: A mortal seeks consent from the highest gods of the Realm

(Posted with consent)

Sat Aug 17 16:09:44 2002
To: god Cordir

*deep curtsey* Greetings immortals, I am sorry to bother you of your time, but I am seeking approval, from those of a power greater than my own deity. Seeking approval of what you might ask...Well to marry my beloved Solaron. Before I took upon the task of being a Triat Initiate, Solaron and I asked the Lady for her blessings in such. We then both looked to the Triat, and were given a Triat Mastery quest. Part of this quest, holds a wedding quest from my Lady, all of which as been completed except for this part. *looks to you and smiles* Please let me know via note or tell, if the gods are in approval of this marriage taking place.

My deepest thanks to you all,
Katrana K'Veeran, Triat Acolyte, Blade of Fate, Wyld Handmaiden, and Shaman Adept of Fate

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