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Katrana: My Petition to the Immortals

Thu Aug 29 20:03:32 2002
To: immortal (Posted to the timeline with author consent)

A scroll, wrapped with briars and roses lays before you.
Carefully, you unwrap the scroll, being ever so cautious as not to prick yourself.
Finally, after a time consuming effort, you reach the parchment.

Greetings Lords, Ladys, and those of Greater Powers than my own deity,

This simple letter is to ask the immortals, for the one item that some seek,
others do not, that some cherish, and others toss to the side, that some
strive to be, and others want nothing of...On this day, I give my petition to you,
in hopes of becoming an Ambassador to the Realm of TFc, then eventually, if Lord
Tynian and those involved deem it, to become an Attendent, then FLI of this Realm.

The Requirements:
As most of you know, I am effective 40th level, 30 shaman, and 30 warrior.
I also have the new mobmaster requirement of 50.

A few bits and pieces I belive you should know:
My name Katrana K'Veeran, beloved of Solaron Al'Veeran, Ice Princess of Gla'Shorn,
Ambassdor of Thistlerock, Acolyte Priestess of the Triat, Blade of Fate, Shaman
Adept, Triat Master, and Handmaiden to the Wyld entity of the Triat. All of
those titles, show my background, my life, in the long and short of it. They are
what I have achieved in my 887 years as a mere mortal, through quests, and dedication.
But they are are nothing but words. Simple script on a piece of parchment. So take
what you wish of them.

I thank you for your time in reading this, no matter what your decision.
I shall await patiently for your answer.
*deep curtsey*
Katrana Al'Veeran, a Wyld Briar Rose of Fate

Katrana: A few OOC tidbits for my petition
Thu Aug 29 20:05:07 2002
To: immortal
I have been playing TFC for seven years now. I have played every race, with the
exception of giant, and I have played every class. I have put a great deal of time
into this 'game.' And I have never regretted a minute of it. While just an online
mud, it has been a blessing for many reasons. I met my beloved husband here, as well
as many friends, who I speak to and have visited. Yes, that may scream 'GEEK', but hey,
it's my life, and I am having fun and enjoying it.

As a sum up...Being an immortal on TFC has been my dream. TFC has always been there
for me and I plan to always be there for it.

Jenny aka Katrana

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