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Cordir: an apology and acknowledgement of debt
Tue Oct 22 12:05:29 2002
To: all in the Realm
I'd like to acknowledge an honor debt the Chosen of Fate owe
to Valence of the Shadows. This morning, my Ordained, Lanfear,
was sparring with Valance. She had vouched the match would be
a safe one. Unfortunately, Valence died in the ensuing combat.
An individual in Wisdom, who had stated that he was there only
to watch the fight, stole and looted the corpse.

I apologize on behalf of Fate for what happened. We are doing
all we can to re-equip Valence to the level he was at, before
the theft, and consider ourselves in his debt, and dishonored,
until such time as the debt is discharged.

Cordir, Ebon Weaver of Fate

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